Mickie James Speaks Out On Losing Confidence Towards The End Of Her WWE Run

Mickie James made an appearance on Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha to discuss a wide range of topics. During it, the former WWE Women’s Champion spoke about losing her confidence at the end of her second run with the company before being released.

“Now I’m sitting in a different seat and more in my own power of trying to figure out what works for me and what I want to do. I lost my confidence. It’s surprising for me to say that, but I feel like towards the end (of WWE), I had a lack of confidence in myself and who I was as a performer, almost like I forgot all this other cool stuff I did and how much it meant to a lot of people. To be able to go away, even the way that I did, and then do all of this stuff, it’s been wild. I’ve had some of my best matches of my career. Honestly, I wasn’t even considering whether I wanted to wrestle after I left. It was more about raising the awareness for women’s wrestling. Everything else was kind of icing on the cake.”

(H/T to WrestlingNews.co)