Money in the Bank Matches Taped, Video Of WWE Global Headquarters

Above is a special look at WWE HQ in Stamford, CT ahead of Sunday’s Money In the Bank Ladder Matches.

As noted, the men’s and women’s ladder matches will air simultaneously. They will begin in the first floor lobby of WWE HQ, and Superstars will fight through the next three floors until they get to the roof of Titan Tower, where the ring, briefcases and ladders will be. The WWE website preview for the women’s match notes that Superstars will deal with “all the trappings of a multi-story office building” and the men’s match notes, “The chaos hits a whole new level as this year’s competitors will have to traverse the halls, offices and boardrooms of WWE Headquarters to reach the briefcase located upon the roof of the multi-story building.”

Both matches were taped several weeks ago, but there’s no word yet on who the winners are.