MJF Invites Fans to Try & Test Him Following Apparent Fan Incident at AEW Dynamite

As noted, it appeared as if a fan tried to attack MJF and Wardlow on this week’s AEW Dynamite episode from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The potential incident happened after the segment that saw MJF deliver the 10 lashes to Cody Rhodes. The fan came at MJF but was quickly stopped by a security guard, Wardlow and MJF.

MJF took to Twitter today to taunt Cody ahead of the Steel Cage match with Wardlow in Atlanta on February 19.

He wrote, “Cody you thought this was bad? Just wait until you have to get in the Cage with @realwardlow The match at revolution that you and all your followers are craving for won’t happen. Because I’m better than you, and you know it.”

A fan responded to MJF and said this won’t be the last time because of MJF’s words.

“How was it when a fan went after you? Won’t be the last time either. You are risking physical harm with your words,” the fan wrote.

MJF responded to the fan and invited others to “step up to the plate” if they want to test him.

“Me and wardlow handled him easily. If you or anyone wants to test me, step up to the plate. You’ll learn very quickly that I’m the real deal,” MJF responded, warning fans.

There have been rumors and speculation on if the “fan” was a plant or not, but nothing has been confirmed. We will keep you updated.

You can see MJF’s full tweets below, along with a shot from Wednesday: