MJF Reportedly Making Over $1 Million Per Year with AEW Now

According to reports, MJF is now earning more than $1 million per year with AEW.

As previously stated, MJF spoke with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour this week and stated that he is now earning “a stupid, absurd amount of money” with AEW and that he received this raise without signing a contract extension.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that word from within AEW is that MJF earns more than $1 million per year.

MJF originally signed with AEW in 2019, but later signed a contract extension that increased his salary significantly above the amount he signed for. His dissatisfaction from earlier this year stemmed from how he’d risen up the card and outperformed his initial deal.

When his contract expires in 2024, MJF continues to talk about “The Bidding War of 2024” between AEW and WWE. He has stated repeatedly that he will go wherever the money is.

“I go where the money is at, whoever is going to offer me the most amount of money is where I’m gong to go, that could be anywhere. Hell, if there’s some financial backer out there that wants to start his own wrestling company and use me as the figurehead, that’s where I’ll go. It’s that simple, that’s all I care about is money,” he told Helwani.

MJF’s AEW contract is set to expire on January 1, 2024.

In the near future, MJF will face the AEW World Champion. AEW President Tony Khan recently commented on how MJF will be able to cash in his Casino Battle Royale poker chip, as noted at this link. The current AEW World Champion is Jon Moxley, but no word on whether MJF vs. Moxley is in the works.