MLW Burning Crush Results – February 17, 2024

MLW’s Burning Crush special opened with former MLW World Champion Alex Kane on stage. He talks about leaving MLW, when Mr. Thomas interrupts him and said the BFC leader is a lot of things but not a quitter. He talks Kane into staying and start the road back to the MLW World Championship.

AJ Francis shows up on a pre-recorded video on the jumbo tron and cuts a promo on Kane. AJ said he would be a better representative for the company than Kane is. It is then revealed that Francis is going to be at MLW Intimidation Games as a member of the WTF.

Alex Kane says Francis interrupted an important moment to talk trash. Kane promises to take down Francis just like he took down everyone else who has joined the World Titan Federation.

1.) Six-Man Tag Match: Tony Deppen, TJ Crawford, and Griffin McCoy defeated Wasted Youth and Nolo Kitano. Deppen hit Mathers from Wasted Youth with a shining wizard to the back of his head for a three-count.

A video package plays from The Calling. Rickey Shane Page and Sami Callihan cut a promo on Raven, Akira, & RSP’s opponent tonight, Jake Crist.

Next, Matt Riddle calls out anyone from New Japan Pro-Wrestling to show up to face him at MLW Intimidation Games on February 29th.

Salina De La Renta joins the commentary team for the next match.

2.) Women’s Fatal Four-Way Match: Zayda (w/ Brett Ryan Gosselin) defeated Tiara James, Notorious Mimi, and Delmi Exo. Zayda hit her I’m Prettier finsher on The Notorious Mimi to pick up the pinfall.

After the match, Salina attacks Delmi outside the ring. The two began fighting as officials came down to break them apart. Delmi goes to the back, but Salina stays at ringside.

Zayda takes the mic and says she will become the next Women’s Featherweight Champion. Salina has a mic in her hand and said she doesn’t have enough skill and will never get a shot at Janai Kai.

BRG, Zayda, and Salina get into a war of insults, some of which were good! Salina ends by telling Zayda to be careful what you wish for; you just might get it bitch!

Backstage, Mads Krule Krugger cuts a promo on how he’s been waiting for two long years to get his hands back on Jacob Fatu. We go to a commercial.

3.) MLW National Openweight Championship Match: Jake Crist defeats RSP via DQ due to interference from The Calling. Akira ran in and made the save for Crist. RSP retains the championship

Cesar Duran is yelling at Court Bauer backstage. Duran said he wanted to be a matchmaker again in MLW and talked about expanding the Lucha Division. Duran said he will be bringing the best luchadors in the world, including Mistico, to the MLW Lucha Show in Chicago in May.

Saint Laurent runs up to Bauer and says he wants an opportunity for the MLW tag team title for his guys, which Bauer agrees to.

We then went outside the 2300 Arena, where Satoshi Kojima and Okumura were about to walk in, when they were stopped by Matthew Justice and 1 Called Manders. Manders offer Cozy Max an MLW Tag Team Championship match whenever they want.

Saint Laurent, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Richard Holliday all walk up, and Laurent said he’s the only legitimate promoter and his guys deserve title shots, too.

Dombrowski makes the announcement revealing the sixth annual Battle Riot will be in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 1.

4.) Tom Lawlor defeats Matthew Justice with a roundhouse kick to pick up the pinfall.

After the match, Dombrowski interviews Lawlor, who talks down about Philadelphia and the fans. As this is going on, Justice hits a dive onto Lawlor outside the ring.

Next, Matt Riddle’s open contract is signed for MLW Intimidation Games. He will be taking on Big Bad Tito.

Cesar Duran comes out and reveals he acquired Mistico and Atlantis for MLW Azteca Lucha in May. Duran then cuts a promo on Salina de la Renta, who storms out with MLW Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero and Jesus Rodriguez.

Salina tells Duran to say the demeaning things he was saying to her face. Duran and Salina had a heated back-and-forth exchange of words. Duran says he does see the fear that  Romero doesn’t want to lose his Middleweight Title to Mistico. Salina shakes hands to indicate they’re ready for the challenge that is taking place at Intimidation Games on February 29th.

Duran then pulls Salina in to say something else to her, but Salina shoves him. Rocky and Jesus restrain Salina as the order gets restored.

5.) Lumberjack & Jill Match: Brett Ryan Gosselin defeats Love, Doug off the distraction of Zayda. BRG used Zayda’s I’m Prettier finisher to pin Love, Doug.

Next, we go to Jake Crist, who is still riled up and upset from his match earlier against RSP. Akira states he wants to take The Calling down the road of Carcosa. Raven says a few words before we see Blue Meanie appear.

6.) Cozy Max (Satoshi Kojima & Okumura) defeat World Titan Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Richard Holliday) (w/Saint Laurent). Kojima hits Holliday with a Lariato for the pinfall.

7.) Balkei Brawl Match: Mads Krule Krugger defeats Jacob Fatu by throwing a fireball in Fatu’s face and hitting his Scorched Earth Full Nelson slam for pinfall.

After the match, the Sentai Death Squad came out with a body bag. Krugger shoves everyone out of the way and does the honors of zipping Fatu up. The Sentai Death Squad carries Fatu off as the CONTRA Unit stands tall to close out the show.