MLW Fusion Results – January 19, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – January 19, 2023

Gia Scott vs. Trish Adora

Gia Scott takes down Adora and lands some strikes. Adora fights back with chops, then a roll up for 2. Adora locks up fubar to attack the arm but Scott fights free with an elbow. Scott with a Samoan Drop that gets a 2 count.

Some corner offense from Scott then a neckbreaker. Adora fights back with a running crossbody then an avalanche in the corner and a follow up hip attack.

Pull back powerbomb from Adora gets a near fall. German suplex from Adora with a bridge gets a 2 count. Scott with a rip cord elbow then a slap but Adora cuts her off with Lariat Tubman for the win.

Winner: Trish Adora

Sam Adonis is coming to MLW in the near future.

Alec Price vs. TJ Crawford

Alec Price with a quick side headlock then he flips away from TJ Crawford a few times and dances. Rope walk hurricanrana from Price then Crawford avoids a corner attack and lands a kick to the body then a springboard Stunner. Crawford with a chop then a running chop in the corner.

Uppercut from Crawford then Price fights back only to get caught in a wheelbarrow suplex. Price looks to fire up and lands a stiff elbow then flips out of a back suplex. Kick from Price and he climbs the ropes but Crawford meets him with a kick then climbs up with him.

Price with some strikes to stop Crawford then tries a sunset powerbomb but Crawford stops that momentum leading to Price landing a kick to the leg. Running double stomp to Crawford in the tree of woe position then a another elbow from Price and another then an enziguri.

Knee from Price then a pump kick in the corner then a seated senton off of the ropes when Crawford avoided a kick. Crawford with a pop up knee then a back elbow and the Warning Shot but only a near fall.

Price knees out of a suplex and gets a small package for 2. Crawford eats a back kick then a head kick from Price. Price runs the ropes and hits a diving blockbuster then follows up with Surprise Kick for the win.

Winner: Alec Price

Commentary runs down some upcoming stuff for MLW.

We get a video from Alicia Atout, she’ll be updating us on the MLW World Title Last Man Standing Match. First is an update on an upcoming trip to Mexico from MLW.

World Tag Team Champion EJ Nduka wants more money for a Last Man Standing match with MLW World Champion Alexander Hammerstone but it seems he’ll be getting it.

Jacob Fatu vs. Ben-K

We get some stalling at first as Jacob Fatu & Alexander Hammerstone jaw at each other and we get a commercial break. We come back from the break to Fatu landing strikes on Ben-K. Ben-K fights back with some shoulder blocks but he can’t knock Fatu over. Fatu lands a right hand to drop Ben-K. Ben-K finally lands a shoulder block to drop Fatu as they run into each other.

Some corner work from Ben-K then punches as Fatu staggers around the ring. Fatu blocks a scoop slam but takes a knee to the body but Ben-K charges at Fatu in the corner and Fatu dodges so Ben-K posts himself. Triple jump Arabian moonsault from Fatu & Ben-K rolls out of the ring to try and recover. Some ringside brawling from Fatu as he plays with the crowd.

Back in the ring Fatu sets up a chair for a Sabu style dive but he slips on the top rope and drops to the mat holding his leg. Fatu moves to the floor still selling the leg, Ben-K goes after him but gets slapped and sent into the barricade again. More strikes from Fatu then they head back into the leg as Fatu is no longer selling the potential leg issue.

Nerve hold from Fatu. Ben-K tries to fire up, and hits a Spear to drop Fatu as Fatu spent a bit too much time yelling at Hammerstone. More body work from Ben-K, he tries to lift Fatu but can’t get him up. A 2nd effort sees Ben-K get Fatu up on his shoulders but Fatu fights off drops him with a punch and hits a handspring moonsault for a near fall.

Fatu tries a powerbomb but Ben-K fights him off. Right hand from Fatu, then a superkick. Ben-K grabs the leg of Fatu to slow down Fatu’s moonsault attempt, Fatu just heads up top and yells at Hammerstone but that delay allows Ben-K to attack him on the ropes.

Ben-K looks for a 2nd rope move and hits Masakani with the rope assistance but he’s slow on the cover and that leads to Fatu getting the shoulder up just before the 3 count. They start trading strikes, both men a little loopy then Ben-K lands some headbutts to drop Fatu. Fatu lands a superkick then the pop up Samoan Drop. Double springboard moonsault from Fatu gets the win.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

match Fatu gets a mic, he puts over Ben-K and thanks him for the match. Ben-K gets the mic briefly and thanks Fatu in English before handing it back. Fatu thanks the fans for showing up brings up the history of MLW and his family’s history with the promotion then says it’s only right for him and the Samoan Swat Team to stick around and get every bit of gold they can. He says he’s taking on Hammerstone for the MLW World Title in February. Hammerstone holds the MLW World Title up high on the floor to close out this week’s Fusion.