MLW Fusion Results – January 5, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – January 5, 2023

Trios Match
Gino Medina,Black Taurus & Mini Abismo vs. Laredo Kid,Komander & Microman

Whoever gets pinned must leave MLW.

Mini Abismo & Komander start things off. They lock up, trade some arm drags with Abismo getting the better of things. Komander replies with arm drags of his own. Abismo takes another arm drag and is sent out of the ring which brings in Gino Medina as we’re using Lucha tag rules. Gino wants Microman but Komander wont tag out and they hit the ropes with Medina grabbing a face lock but Microman breaks up the hold. Now Lared Kid hits Medina to break a hold, but blames Microman & Medina gets more heated. Abdominal stretch from Medina, Laredo lands a leg kick to break it up and again Medina thinks Microman kicked him.

All that sets up a headscissors from Komander, then Black Taurus wipes out Komander with a headbutt only to be taken down by a satellite headscissors from Laredo. Laredo with a dive onto Medina & Taurus, then Komander hits a suicide dive onto the pile. Abismo & Microman square off now, Microman sends Abismo out of the ring and sets to dive but Medina cuts him off with a crossbody. Everyone stomps on Microman for a bit, isolating him as we get a commercial break.

We come back from the break to more abuse to Microman. Laredo tries to help out but Taurus cuts him off and now Laredo takes the triple team attention. Taurus with some corner offense then Medina hits a facebuster and Abismo follows up with a Lionsault for 1. Now Komander gets isolated and chopped by Taurus. Triple team move to Komander but he kicks out at 2. Medina wants to fight Microman, and the ref grabs Microman by the mask.

Microman takes more stomps, then Abismo looks to remove the mask of Mircoman but thinks better of it. Microman fights back now with a headscissors on Medina, then a suicide dive onto Medina but Medina catches him only for Laredo to dive onto Medina & Dr Dax. Komander with a dropkick to Abismo & Taurus then he walks the ropes to set up a dive onto the pile of bodies.

Laredo sets up Abismo, & Microman hits a splash from the apron to the floor as we get another break. We come back to Gino hitting a snake eyes then a neckbreaker on Laredo. Laredo avoids a corner attack and hits a forearm then a scoop slam. Laredo heads for the triple set of moonsaults, one from each rope, he hits the first two but Taurus then interrupts with a right hand. Taurus lands a kick then a bulldog and a backbreaker but Komander flies in with a hilo to break up the pin. Komander with an around the world DDT, then a rope walk 450 splash but Abismo breaks up the pin.

Abismo with some strikes, then a rebound Cutter & Microman has to break up the pin. Abismo with a kick to Microman, but Micoman follows up with the victory roll only for Medina to break up the pin. Medina & Microman finally square off 1 on 1, Medina with a scoop slam and a pin for a near fall. Laredo hits Medina with a poisoned rana, time the parade of finishers which ends with Microman hitting Medina with a 2nd rope splash and everyone’s down. Abismo & Komander fight to their feet, then Komander sends Abismo out of the ring and follows up with a reverse rope walk into a moonsault. Taurus eats a crucifix bomb from Laredo then Medina superkicks Laredo. Medina wants to take out Microman, he hoists him up and looks to throw him but Laredo is trying to stop him, which leads to Taurus hitting a Spear on Medina with Mircoman falling on top of Gino for the win.

Winners: Laredo Kid,Komander & Microman (Since Gino Medina got pin he is gonna from MLW)

Update on the upcoming MLW World Title match, World Tag Team Champion EJ Nduka is demanding more money given that they’re in a Last Man Standing Match so our title match has been postponed.

We get a recap of Mance Warner beating Mads Krugger in a Tables Match a couple of weeks back, then it’s interview for Warner. Warner is happy to have hit the pay window after beating Krugger, I mean Gallows, and now he’s going to show off an autographed guitar.

Video promo from Samoan Swat Team. Jacob Fatu puts over Willie Mack since they come from the same place and they plan on showing off what they’ve got going on the west. Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa’i talk a bit as well. Fatu has goosebumps about this match.

A reminder that Davey Boy Smith Jr. is returning to MLW soon.

In the back Alex Kane talks as he caresses the Opera Cup. He’s interrupted by Mr. Thomas, they’ve got an offer to run a tournament in India but the exchange rate for Indian currency isn’t great and he declines.

Next week Bomaye Fight Club takes on the British Bulldogs, plus Shun Skywalker defends the Middleweight Title against Lince Dorado.

Jacob Fatu vs. Willie Mack

Jacob Fatu attacks at the bell and unloads with strikes in the corner. Headbutt from Fatu, but Willie Mack fires back with strikes of his own and they start trading punches. Arm drag from Mack then a head hurricanrana but Fatu then lands a right hand. Back to the ropes and Mack hits a flying kick. They head out of the ring for some ringside brawling, Mack lands some chops then Fatu slams him into the barricade.

They head back into the ring and Fatu lands a falling headbutt. Some more strikes from Fatu, then they hit the ropes with Mack avoiding a seated senton and grabs a crucifix for 2 but Fatu then lands another right hand to maintain control. Nerve hold from Fatu, then a headbutt and a back rake. Mack with what was supposed to be a sling blade and both men are down.

They fight up and Mack fires up with strikes then a scoop slam and a running leg drop. Mack runs into a boot but then catches Fatu with a Samoan Drop, kip up from Mack then he does the Macarena then a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Fatu avoids a Stunner and lands a super kick then a handspring moonsault for a 2 count.

Mack lands a boot, but eats a right hand only to counter a charge from Fatu with an exploder suplex into the corner. Mack with a running senton in the corner, then looks for a Coast 2 Coast which connects as Mack avoids the Lighting Rig.

That might have hurt Mack’s leg and he takes too long going for the pin which allows Fatu to kick out. Mack limps as he tries another Samoan Drop but his leg gives out and Fatu lands a superkick then a pop up Samoan Drop. Fatu with the double jump moonsault gets the win.

Winner: Jacob Fatu