MLW Fusion Results – June 8, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – June 8, 2023

Delmi Exo vs. Becca

Becca attacks at the bell with a shotgun dropkick and she lays in some corner offense. Snapmare then a follow up dropkick from Becca then a handspring slap from Becca but this annoys Exo as she clobbers her with elbows. Dropkick from Exo now then a jawbreaker.

Both women miss kicks then Exo lands one and hits a Fisherman’s gordbuster for a 2 count. Becca avoids Delmi Driver and hits a springboard Cutter for a 2 count. Muta Lock from Becca but Exo breaks the grip forcing Becca to switch to a half crab.

Exo kicks Becca off then tries a Torture Rack position but Becca rakes the eyes then kicks Exo down. Becca up to the top rope but misses a moonsault so Exo nails Delmi Driver for the win.

Winner: Delmi Exo

We get a video package for Akira & he be in a Triple Threat Middleweight Title Triple Threat match next week.

Brief hype video for the MLW World Title Match.

We get an almost parody of America’s Got Talent for the Mane Event via some backstage stuff. They put over Amazing Red as their trainer then a few highlights from their failed bid for the World Tag Team Titles follow but they’re just trying to bring up the energy and are grateful to everyone who’s ever supported them.

In the back Sam Adonis talks with Willie Mack about his National Openweight Title shot Mack says even if he had a strategy he wouldn’t tell on camera because he knows how wrestling works.

1 Called Manders vs. Yosicfer El

Yoscifer El shoves 1 Called Manders a few times then Manders starts chopping him then hey trade chops and Manders gets the better of things then lands a kitchen sink knee lift and a gutwrench suplex.

Yosicfer avoids an elbow drop but then Manders lands more strikes. Boot from Yoscifer then a crossbody but no cover. Manders hits a spinebuster out of the corner then a lariat to win.

Winner: 1 Called Manders

Alex Kane video where he talks about all the odds that have been stacked against him. The National Openweight Title stolen, 1st in the Battle Riot and not even being allowed in the Opera Cup this time. But what he does for the people empowers his ascent so the Bomaye Fight Club will be bringing a revolution. The sport needs the revolution of Alex Kane & Bomaye Fight Club then some chanting to close.

In the back Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie talks again & she reminds us she’s the longest reigning Featherweight Champion in history. She’s been knocking down challengers all over the world and next week will be no different.

National Openweight Title Match
John Hennigan (c) vs. Willie Mack

Match starts off with a lock up and Willie Mack gives a clean break out of the corner but John Hennigan shoves him then hides in the ropes. Thumb to the eye from Hennigan then a side headlock takeover. Mack lands a shoulder block to drop Hennigan. Hennigan unloads with some punches and a kick in the corner.

Another kick from Hennigan then a slap that just annoys Mack. Mack heads out of the ring to chase Hennigan who hides behind Valkyerie then catches a Hennigan kick and hits an exploder suplex to send us to a break.

After the break Mack with strikes on the floor including a hard chop then back in the ring Mack hits a back chop then a regular chop to drop Hennigan. Hennigan with a jawbreaker to cut off Mack then a 2nd rope kick. Some mounted elbows from Hennigan then he tries an armbar but Mack gets into the ropes to break that.

Some kicks from Hennigan then a superkick before he hits Moonlight Drive for a 2 count. Hennigan heads up for Starship Pain but he takes to long and Mack jostles to ropes to crotch him. Mack climbs up with Hennigan and they fight on the ropes trading strikes then Hennigan fights off a superplex and then picks the ankle to drop Mack onto the back of his head.

Hennigan up but Mack rolls away from Starship Pain and Hennigan eats the mat to send us to another break.

After the 2nd break Hennigan charges into a clothesline and Mack fires up with a back elbow then a scoop slam. Boot from Hennigan but he runs into a Samoan Drop from Mack who then kips up and hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Hennigan with an elbow to the back of the head but Mack counters with a pop up elbow then a running gamengiri.

Valkyrie now distracts the ref so there’s no pin count as Mack gets the visual win. Mack avoids a kick and Hennigan superkicks Valkyrie but as the ref and Hennigan check on that Adonis tries a National Openweight Title shot to Mack but Mack takes him out with a Stunner. Hennigan gets behind Mack and charges but Mack hits a Sky High for a tight near fall.

Mack heads up top now, but Hennigan avoids the flying nothing. Mack with a sunset flip but the ref is pulling the National Openweight Title out of the ring leading to Valkyrie nailing Mack with the Featherweight Title for the win.

Winner & Still National Openweight Champion: John Hennigan (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)

We get a video from MLW World Champion Alexander Hammerstone & he thinks Alex Kane is waiting for a cheap cash in, or he’s nursing an injury or he’s trying to wait out Hammerstone. The only option not available to Kane is a straight up legitimate match because that’s not how Kane is built but Kane gets to call the shot as he won Battle Riot so he’ll see him at Never Say Never where the cheap games end.