MLW Fusion Results – May 25, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – May 25, 2023

Kicking off this week’s Fusion with a recap of Alex Kane winning the 2023 Battle Riot.

Triple Threat Tijuana Street Fight
World Tag Team Champion Juicy Finau vs. Crazy Frank vs. Damian 666

Juicy Finau squashes Crazy Frank in the corner then one for Damian 666 as well. Another corner avalanche for Damian from Finau. Damian whacks Finau with a kendo stick but Finau then headbutts him down while Frank just hanging out in the corner. Finau punches Damian out of the ring then Frank goes after Finau.

They trade elbows but Finau gets the better of things then Frank tries to run over Finau but it doesn’t work. Finau hits the ropes now but he can’t knock Frank over either. Both men hit the ropes and Finau knocks Frank over but the collision sends both of them out of the ring where Damian throws a chair at Finau to send us to a break.

After the break Finau is fighting off Damian then uses a staple gun on Damian once. Frank comes over with a cookie sheet, Damian staples Finau’s arm then Frank whacks him in the head with a cookie sheet. Everyone trades some head shots with chairs and cookie sheets then Frank sends Damian into the ring post then more weapon shots go around for a bit.

Frank with kicks to Finau then he uses the cheese grater on his head. Damian with shots to Frank then he puts a handful of wooden skewers into the head of Frank then Finau sets Frank in a chair against the barricade then sets a flat screen TV against him before crushing him with a splash against the barricade.

Damian re enters the frame to whack Finau with a cookie sheet then send him into the ring. There’s a car hood set up across a couple of chairs in there. Finau slams Damian into the car hood but here come Los Macizos.

We get some brawling then Damian gets tossed onto the car hood again. Finau takes a chair shot to a chair that’s wrap around his head. Damian avoids some corner offense to set up all 3 men for a corner splash from Finau. Damian with kendo stick shots to everyone before Finau runs him over with an avalanche. Finau & Damian head out of the ring they fight up onto the entrance stage and Finau tosses Damian off of the stage and through a conveniently placed table.

Frank whacks Finau with a cookie sheet a few times then Frank drags Finau back to the ring, someone off camera gets tossed through a board then Los Macizos set up a couple of panes of glass as Frank sends Finau through the TV against the barricade. The two sheets of glass are set up across chairs in the ring.

Finau fights off a double suplex and chokeslams Los Macizos through the glass then a Samoan Drop to Frank then he climbs the ropes to connect with a 2nd rope moonsault onto Frank for the win.

Winner: World Tag Team Champion Juicy Finau

We get a recap of The Calling showing up, the build to their arrival and them beating down Jacob Fatu. Fatu will be out for a couple of weeks but still has an upcoming shot at the National Openweight Title.

A camera talks with MLW World Champion Alexander Hammerstone about his upcoming match with Alex Kane. Hammerstone is pretty confident, doesn’t matter where he is he puts you up in the Nightmare Pendulum and you’re looking up at the lights. Kane has been climbing the mountain but the air’s getting thin, Hammerstone is ready for this while Kane isn’t. Asked about The Calling he wishes Fatu the best, Fatu doesn’t deserve what he’s going through and promises The Calling will get theirs.

We get a Delmi Exo promo & she says Taya Valkyrie talks a lot and disrespects the Featherweight & AAA Reina De Reinas Titles she holds. Valkyrie might be the Queen of Queens but she’s never messed with the God Queen.

We get a 1 Called Manders video package, he talks about grit and the free spirit necessary to be a cowboy. He loves to fight, drink beer, chew tobacco and doesn’t care who you are or how many there are, he’ll fight anyone.

Sam Laterna talks with Willie Mack & Mack wants the National Openweight Title that John Hennigan holds then tries to hock some idols he’s stolen from Cesar Duran.

Saint Laurent walks in the back and runs into the 2nd Gear Crew & they want to know where Microman is. He doesn’t answer but we see Microman walk out of the restroom. Mance Warner has a beer for Microman and they all drink.

Alex Kane press conference & he says the people can decide when he’ll cash in his MLW World Title shot. Kane says Court Bauer will have to pay out more to make the fight with Hammerstone happen but the man behind the Bomaye Fight Club is keeping things good for him.

Featherweight & AAA Reina De Reinas Titles Fatal 4 Way Match
Taya Valkyerie (c) & (c) vs. La Hiedra vs. Dalys vs. Sexy Star

Taya Valkyerie, Dalys & Sexy Star jumps La Hiedra to get this match started but she escapes the ring though. Valkyerie with strikes to Dalys & Star then a double shoulder block for them. Hiedra trips up Valkyerie and shoves her into the ring post on the floor as we go to a break.

After the break Star & Dalys square up in the ring as they do a bit of mat wrestling with Star doing the better work before Dalys takes her down and grabs at the arm. Star counters into a leg attack then they trade covers before Dalys lands a kick to the back. Star isn’t happy and lands a kick of her own.

Dalys grabs at an arm wringer but Star counters and they trade another series of covers before Dalys lands a chop. Star fights off a Gory Bomb then tries a sunset flip for a 2 count. Dalys back to the Gory Special and Hiedra has to break up the hold. Hiedra gets spank by Dalys then they hit the ropes and Dalys lands a dropkick.

Dalys sets Hiedra on the top rope but Hiedra fights back with a dropkick and Valkyerie spanks Hiedra to break up the pin. Valkyerie with some chops to Hiedra then some rope running and Valkyerie lands an arm drag and a Spear to Hiedra leading to Star breaking up the pin as we go to a another break.

We come back from our 2nd break Valkyerie & Star square up, Star avoiding some strikes then lands a kick and hits a Codebreaker for a 2 count. Valkyerie floors Star with a Saito suplex but Dalys is here to break up the pin. Dalys hits Valkyerie with a gordbuster and Hiedra breaks up the pin.

Dalys suplexes Hiedra then Star drops Dalys with a superkick only for Valkyerie to take her down with a clothesline and everyone’s down. Hiedra & Dalys trade strikes then we get a double cover from Star & Valkyerie to Dalys & Hiedra. Star & Valkyerie with some cooperative offense to take down Dalys & Hiedra then they square up.

They start trading elbows and chops, then Star hits a bridging German suplex for 2. Valkyerie with a kick and knee to Star then a lariat gets 2 2 count. Star fights off a Road To Valhalla and hits a ripcord elbow then picks up Valkyerie for a Landslide but that gets a near fall.

They start trading chops again then elbows then Valkyerie lands a knee and hits Road To Valhalla for the win

Winner & Still Featherweight & AAA Reina De Reinas Champions: Taya Valkyerie (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)

Commentary talk about next week then we get a Calling video interrupting things. Ricky Shane Page says Fatu has been on top in this Kingdom for too long now he’s going to be their first sacrifice. Akira calls Fatu a fake and those in Carcosa have no time for fakes, they trust in Raven.