MLW Has No Interest In Bringing Back Teddy Hart

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Teddy Hart has expressed interest in making a return to Major League Wrestling. He went as far as getting an intermediary in hopes of getting talks going for his return to the company. However, MLW has expressed absolutely no interest in bring Hart back to the promotion.

There is an upcoming Peacock 3 part docuseries about Teddy Hart’s life and career that will very damaging to Hart. It’s believed once the docuseries, which is scheduled to debut on November 22, airs no company will want to have anything to do with Hart. The docuseries called  “Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats. is said to be devastating.

Teddy Hart first joined MLW in 2004 and then returned to the promotion in 2017. He teamed up with Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr and they formed The New Era Hart Foundation. The faction enjoyed a successful run in the promotion.

Hart was released by MLW in 2019. As per Rolling Stone, Teddy Hart has burned bridges at every company he has worked for.

Davey Boy Smith Jr returning to MLW recently may have piqued Hart’s interest in returning to MLW as well, but I think it’s safe to say that we will most likely never see Teddy Hart in an MLW ring ever again.