MLW Underground Results (4/18/2023): War Chamber Returns

This week’s episode of MLW Underground on Reelz TV showcases the 2023 War Chamber match. This was taped on April 6th at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY. Here are full results:

We begin the show with the history of The Calling and how the War Chamber match came about between The Calling and The Hammerheads (Alex Hammerstone & Second Gear Crew). From this package we go into the intro music for the show.

We go into the arena where we are shown the crew setting up the War Chamber structure. The announcers are Joe Dombrowksi & Matt Striker. Dombrowksi hypes up the War Chamber match coming up. Then he and Striker promote Battle Riot V airing on Reelz TV next Tuesday at 10pm eastern time.

We go to the ring where ring announcer Mike Falvo announces the War Chamber Match and the rules.

War Chamber Match – Alex Hammerstone & Second Gear Crew vs. The Calling                   Rickey Shane Page from the Calling and 1 Called Manders from SGC are the first two entrants into the War Chamber. RSP brings a large wrench with him into the ring.

Both wrestlers trade punches before 1 Called Manders takes control of the match as he throws RSP into the cage and chops him in the corner. RSP changes the momentum when Manders goes for a suplex but RSP breaks out of it and hits Manders with a big boot. RSP then takes the large wrench he came in with and starts pulling at the mouth of Manders. Manders changes the tide again by hitting RSP with a big spinebuster. Manders takes the big wrench and returns the favor to RSP, by wrenching on his mouth. He chokes RSP with the wrench in the corner. RSP tries mustering some offense but Manders stays in total control as we go to commercial break.

Back from the break, the next participant is announced. It is Akira from The Calling. The Calling won the coin toss and will have the one man advantage until all 8 wrestlers are in the ring. Akira comes down and starts striking Manders. RSP comes from behind and both spend the two minutes double teaming and beating up Manders.

Matthew Justice is announced next and comes down as the second member of Team Hammerheads. He comes into the ring with chairs and throws them right at RSP’s head. He then hits Akira with the chairs next. Justice completes a splash onto RSP in the corner and then a splash onto Akira in the other corner. Manders is back up and powerslams Justice onto RSP in the corner. He then powerslams Justice onto Akira in the other corner. Both Manders & Justice pick up the chairs and are take turns beating on Akira and RSP.

Delirious is now introduced and is the third member of The Calling. Manders and Justice both try attacking Delirious when he comes in, but he evades them. Manders picks up Delirious, however RSP pulls him down. All three members of The Calling start beating down on Manders. Delirious quickly turns his attention to Justice who is in the corner. Delirious hits a panic attack on Manders in one corner and then Justice in the other corner. As Delirious is working over Justice in the corner, RSP and Akira ram Manders into a steel chair that they had propped up in the corner.

Alex Hammerstone is introduced and comes in as the third member of The Hammerheads. Hammerstone comes into the ring and single handedly drops each member of The Calling. He has given his team new life and energy. The crowd is chanting “Hammerstone!” He whips his teammates into the corner and onto RSP. Manders is working on Akira, while Justice is working on Delirious. Hammerstone and RSP are battling it out in a corner when the final member of The Calling gets introduced.

Doctor Cornwallis is final entrant from The Calling. The momentum is switched back into the favor of The Calling. Akira and Delirious work on Hammerstone in the corner, while Doctor Cornwallis is beating up on Manders. RSP takes a fork and starts stabbing Justice in the head. Now Cornwallis is using the wrench on Hammerstone in the corner, as RSP is beating up on Manders in another corner. Both Akira and Delirious are beating down on Justice. RSP is now using the fork on Manders. Cornwallis and Delirious each have one of Hammerstone’s leg and pulls them outward in opposite directions. This appears to be where Hammerstone hurts his leg.

Mance Warner is the final entrant of the match and represents The Hammerheads. He comes down with another chair and slams the head of Cornwallis on the cage door as he comes in. Mancer throws a chair at Akira, punches a chair back into RSP’s face, and then bites the foot of Delirious as he tried kicking him. Mancer starts rallying his team together as we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Cornwallis is choking Hammerstone on the canvas who appears to be injured. RSP and Mancer are fighting in one corner, Akira and Manders in another, lastly Delirious and Justice in a third corner. Second Gear Crew are together with chairs and do a steel chair toast before throwing them at members of The Calling.

We then get a picture in picture showing the War Chamber Match on one side and Hammerstone being helped to the back by officials on the other. Dombrowski announces how the Second Gear Crew appears to be down in numbers again, as Hammerstone appears to have been injured.

Back to a full screen with action in the ring. So far the SGC is holding their own as they continue to throw chairs at Calling members, who are spread out in different areas of the ring. Mancer is pulling down barbed wire from the top of the cage, while Manders throws Delirious onto RSP. Manders and Justice lift up Akira, while Mancer hits him with a chair shot from the top rope. Manders attempts the first pinfall of the match on Akira for only a two count. Crowd is chanting “SGC!” Justice hits RSP with a chair repeatedly. RSP is busted wide open from when he and Mancer was battling before. Mancer used the barbed wire on top of the cage as a weapon. Justice goes to hit RSP again with the chair, but RSP ducks it and hits Justice with a big boot to the chair that connects to Justice’s face. Raven has been at the top of the ring ramp watching since the beginning of this match. The gas masked henchmen from The Calling come down to the ring grabbing tables from under the ring. The Calling is now in complete control as we go to a commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Dombrowski announces that MLW CEO Court Bauer will make an announcement a little later, on the condition of Alex Hammerstone. The gas masked henchmen are able to get a table into the ring. RSP sets up the table and goes to the top rope in the corner. Manders hits RSP with a chair while he’s on the top rope. Manders then sets up two chairs on top of the table. Mancer goes up to the top rope with RSP and suplexes him onto the chairs that are on top of the tables for a crazy spot! We then get a replay showing that move. Mancer goes for pinfall, however Delirious hits a splash from the top rope to break up the count. Delirious then goes for a pinfall on Mancer, when Justice also does a splash from the top rope to break up that count. Justice goes for a pinfall on Delirious, however Akira breaks it up with a knee and then hits a German suplex. RSP hits a DDT on Justice and covers him for the three count to pick up the win. The Calling exits the ring and reunites with their leader, Raven. We are shown replays of different spots in the War Chamber match.

Result: The Calling defeat The Hammerheads (Alex Hammerstone & Second Gear Crew

We go to Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker, who talk about the match we just saw and The Calling. Striker said what will happen now to the MLW title if Hammerstone is injured?

We go to outside the arena where an ambulance is pulling up. Dombrowski said Court Bauer is going to give an update on Alex Hammerstone’s condition right after the break. There’s a commercial promoting the return this summer of an all new season of MLW’s flagship show, MLW Fusion.

Back from the commercial break, Dombrowski and Striker are talking again about The Calling being victorious in the War Chamber. We are shown a replay of Hammerstone being helped to the back by the officials. We get shown a video of the ambulance outside of the arena and Dombrowksi says Sam Laterna is with CEO Court Bauer for an update on Hammerstone.

We go to Sam Laterna who asks Bauer for an update on Hammerstone. Bauer said he’s in a lot of pain. He’s known Hammerstone for a half of a decade and he’s a really tough guy. Bauer then proceeds to say he’s being checked on by the doctor and will most likely need a trip to the hospital. They will then take it day by day.

Laterna asked is there a possibility of having an interim champion? Bauer said he doesn’t believe in doing that and messing with the integrity of the championship. Laterna then asks if the title would be vacated or even possibly be put on the line at Battle Riot. As Bauer was about to say that’s premature, Alex Kane comes in and interrupts him saying he should just crown the uncrowned king of MLW. Davey Boy Smith Jr comes in and interrupts Kane saying last time he checked he beat Kane in the ring.

Kane and Smith Jr start fighting and hitting each other. Mr Thomas joins the battle and starts hitting Smith as well. The rest of the locker room swarms out and everyone starts fighting each other. Dombrowski hypes up Battle Riot next week. As the brawl is continuing they go off the air.