MLW Underground Results – April 11, 2023

MLW Underground Results – April 11, 2023

Kicking off this week’s Underground with a recap of the angle that closed last week’s Underground with Thomas Billington left lying backstage by Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas.

Fatal 4 Way Dumpster Match
Real 1 vs. Matthew Justice vs. Mance Warner vs. Microman

Real1 dropkicks Microman to start the match. Mance Warner & Matthew Justice works over Real1 as he grabs a trash can lid and used it as a weapon. Microman trips up Real1 heading into a commercial break.

After the break Warner & Justice placed Microman on the top rope with the idea of tossing him onto Real1 & he rolls out of the ring. Warner & Justice follow. Real1 kicks Justice in the balls and then crotched both men on the guardrail. Real1 hoisted up Warner and ran him into the ring post.

Real1 went after Microman and teased tossing him into both of the dumpsters. Warner returned and kicks the back of Real1’s leg, causing Microman to fall on top of him. Real1 came back by running Warner through a door board that was set up in the corner. Justice returned and hit Real1 from behind with a chair.

Microman rolled Real1 toward a dumpster. Justice closed the lids and then Microman rolls Real1 on top of the closed dumpster. Justice set up a ladder in the ring. Justice leapt from the ladder and and dropped an elbow on Real1 then shuts the lid to get the win.

Winner: Matthew Justice

After the break Alex Hammerstone joins 2nd Gear Crew in fighting The Calling backstage.

A video hyped the return of Fusion in just a few weeks. The narrator said it would feature the Super Series.

The broadcast team hyped the 2023 Battle Riot match airing on Underground on April 25th They ran through the list of entrants for the match. They also hyped the War Chamber match for next week.

No Ropes Catch Wrestling Match
Davey Boy Smith Jr vs. Alex Kane

Match starts off with some early mat wrestling the Davey Boy Smith Jr rolls to the floor that takes us to a break.

After the break Smith puts Kane in an armbar. Kane rolled onto him and got a two count, then gouged the eyes to break the hold. Kane hits a pair of German suplexes. Smith stood up after the 2nd and returned the favor with a pair of German suplexes of his own.

Kane stood up and hits another German suplex then Smith shot up and executed another German suplex. Both men got to their feet and traded forearm strikes.

Kane performed an overhead exploder suplex. Kane lowered his straps & hits Painmaker for a near fall. Kane locks an ankle lock. Smith rolls out of it and countered into his own ankle lock.

Kane counters back into an ankle lock while Smith had to release his. Kane teased tapping out but he escaped the hold and locks in a Sharpshooter. Mr. Thomas reached inside the ring and tried to pull Kane. Smith released the hold and boots Thomas off the apron.

Kane grabs a bottle and tried to spray a substance into the eyes of Smith but he ducks it. Smith put Kane in a rear naked choke & Kane passes out.

Winner By Submission: Davey Boy Smith Jr

Backstage Lio Rush was interviewed by Sam Laterna & Rush had the Middleweight Title that he stole from Lince Dorado last week. Rush said he was disrespected by Dorado, who ducked his people’s calls. Rush said the belt was where it should be and told Dorado catch me if you can if he wants it back.

Akira vs. Calvin Tankman

Akira ran across the ring and swung the crowbar at Calvin Tankman but he avoids it and went on the offensive.

The action spilled over to ringside when Tankman returned to the ring, Akira caught him with a dragon screw leg whip. Tankman eventually came back with a popup elbow strike. Tankman sends Akira to the ropes and set up for a move but Raven hits Tankman with pipe from ringside then Akira locks Tankman in a choke hold to get the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Akira

After the match, Akira placed a calling card on top of Tankman while Raven and other members of The Calling stood by. Akira & Raven posed together.

2nd Gear Crew came out and fought with members of The Calling. Cameras cut outside the building where Alex Hammerstone & Mance Warner were fighting other Calling henchmen. Akira went up top and held a chair behind him while performing a trust fall style dive onto Justice,Manders & members of The Calling. Outside the building, Rickey Shane Page set a table on fire.

A brief teaser hyped MLW World Champion Alexander Hammerstone & 2nd Gear Crew vs The Calling in a War Chamber Match for next week.