MLW Underground Results – March 14, 2023

MLW Underground Results – March 14, 2023

Kicking off this week’s Underground with Real1 was wheeled onto the stage in a wheelchair and he had a crutch in his hand. Real1 took verbal jabs at Microman and especially Mance Warner. Real1 said that he would call the cops if he’s ever hit by a car again. The unnamed man behind Real1 wheeled him to ringside.

Mance Warner made his entrance & Warner started to speak but he was quickly interrupted.

A calling card attacker video aired that focused on Rickey Shane Page, who made his entrance as Warner’s opponent. They brawled at ringside while Real1 said he wanted a front row seat for their match.

Hardcore Match
Ricky Shane Page vs. Mance Warner

Ricky Shane Page threw a chair at Mance Warner a couple of times. One of the masked men passes a knife to Page, who cut a turnbuckle pad and then drops a chair onto the head of Warner.

Page rolls Warner back inside the ring and then jabbed a chair onto Warner’s head. Warner eventually battled back with a couple of bionic elbows heading into a commercial break.

After the break Warner tossed a bunch of chairs into the ring and then hit Page with a kendo stick. Warner tossed a trashcan into the ring and then pulled out a couple of door boards and slid them inside the ring.

Warner propped the door boards in the corners of the ring and then set up a chair. Warner performed a neckbreaker onto the back of the chair and then he speared Page through one of the door boards and covered him for a near fall. Page battled back and tossed Warner through the other door board.

Page set up 3 chairs in the ring. Warner hits Page with a piece of the door board and then slammed a chair over his back before setting it up next to the other chairs. Warner grabbed two more chairs and lined them up. Page drove Warner into the corner and then went up top.

Warner joined Page on the ropes where they fought for position. Warner got the better of it and suplexes Page onto the chairs that were set up in the ring. Warner covered Page for just a two count.

Warner & Page traded strikes and then Warner put him down with a lariat and covered him for another two count. There were actually 3 masked men at ringside with one of them appearing to give orders. 2 of the masked men set up a table at ringside.

Page set up for a chokeslam from the apron, but Warner avoided it and then DDT’d Page through the table on the floor. Warner threw Page back inside the ring. Real1 stood up and hit Warner with his crutch. Page chokeslams Warner to score the win.

Winner: Ricky Shane Page

Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie,National Openweight Champion John Hennigan & Sam Adonis were shown interrupting a Billie Starkz photo shoot. Starkz told Valkyrie that she wants her Featherweight Title. Valkyrie said gold doesn’t look good on Starkz. Valkyrie ended up agreeing to give Starkz a Featherweight Title shot.

Cesar Duran made his entrance with one of his masked henchmen and spoke on the stage. Duran introduced La Estrella as the next Middleweight Champion.

Middleweight Title Match
Lince Dorado (c) vs. La Estrella

Lince Dorado went for a moonsault but La Estrella put his feet up and took offensive control. Estrella put Dorado down with a missile dropkick when Dorado stood up, Estrella performed a Poison Rana that got a near fall.

Estrella went up top and then Dorado fired back and performed a hurricanrana. Dorado covered Estrella but Duran pulled Estrella out of the ring right in front of the referee.

Microman shows up and dove off the apron onto the masked henchman. Microman grabs a cane and approached Duran who jawed at him. Meanwhile, Dorado escaped Estrella’s attempted move and powerbombs him follow by a shooting star press to get the win.

Winner & Still Middleweight Champion: Lince Dorado (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)

Alex Kane delivered a promo while Mr. Thomas stood behind him. Kane said submission is the mission for his match against Davey Boy Smith Jr. then they yelled Bomaye a bunch of times Dombrowski said Kane vs. Smith will air on the show in 2 weeks.

MLW promoter Court Bauer stood on the stage where a table and chairs were set up for the contract signing. 3 men dressed in suits stood behind Bauer, who introduced Jacob Fatu and then MLW World Champion Alexander Hammerstone. Both men shook hands with Bauer, who sat between them at the contract signing table.

Bauer passed the contract to Fatu, who signed it. Bauer passed the contract to Hammerstone, who quickly signed his name. Bauer added his signature and said the match was official. The calling card video flashed on the screen and interrupted Bauer.

Hammerstone stood up and asked Bauer if he didn’t think he realized what was happening. Hammerstone spoke about Bauer’s relationship with the Samoans. Bauer laughed. Hammerstone said he didn’t care who Fatu’s daddy or cousin are. Fatu & Hammerstone traded punches and were quickly pulled apart.

Members of the Anoa’i family were shown seated in the crowd, and then Samoan Swat Team’s Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa’i were shown backstage.

Cesar Duran was shown walking backstage with 2 masked henchmen. 1 of the henchmen stops Duran and then another put a sack over his head. The henchmen drags Duran away.

Samoan Swat Team made their entrance for the main event. Hustle & Power came out and attacks Samoan Swat Team from behind. The teams brawled at ringside and the referee started the match once two men were in the ring

World Tag Team Titles Street Fight
Hustle & Power (EJ Nduka & Calvin Tankman) (c) vs. Samoan Swat Team (Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa’i) 

A table was leaning in a corner of the ring. Lance Anoa’i charges at EJ Nduka, who ended up avoiding the move and putting Anoa’i through the table that sends us to a break.

After the break Anoa’i hits a top rope splash on Calvin Tankman for a near fall. Anoa’i pointed to Juicy Finau, who then went up top. Nduka hops onto the apron and knocks Finau off the ropes. Hustle & Power isolated Anoa’i while Finau ended up at ringside but they couldn’t put Anoa’i away.

Finau pulls Tankman to the floor and ran him into the barricade. In the ring Nduka pulls out powder, but Anoa’i kicked it into his face. Finau returned and connects with a Samoan Drop on Nduka, and then Anoa’i hits a top rope splash to get the win.

Winners & New World Tag Team Champions: Samoan Swat Team (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!!!)

Next Week’s Underground

MLW World Title Match
Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. 2022 Battle Riot Winner Jacob Fatu

Featherweight Title Match
Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Billie Starkz