Moose Reveals Why He Stayed With Impact Despite WWE & AEW Offers

Moose recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss various topics.

During it, he explained why he re-signed with Impact despite getting offers from WWE and AEW. That decision paid off as he is now the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

“I just re-signed with Impact in June or July. It was a hard decision because there were other offers. The chance to go to WWE and AEW was out there,” Moose shared.

“I’m one of the guys where I have a set of goals I want to accomplish and if I don’t accomplish those goals, it’s not going to sit right with me. There were some goals I had in mind I wanted to accomplish in Impact Wrestling like being the World Champion, being face of the company, and having a real title run because I didn’t consider when I had the TNA Heavyweight Championship as a real run because of the story of how I got it. I wanted a real run with the Impact World Championship just to see how my run would be different from the guys in the past who held it.”

“It just didn’t sit right with me leaving to go somewhere else without accomplishing some of those goals. Ultimately, it was my decision to stay and it was a good one. I think one of the reasons why people choose Impact is because of the freedom of creativity. You go elsewhere and your character is in their hands. They run your character however they see fit, whereas in Impact, you have the freedom to create what Moose should be. I feel like a lot of guys want that freedom to create what their characters should be, and I think that’s why a lot of guys choose Impact.”