New Details On Stephanie McMahon Taking Time Away From WWE

As noted, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter this afternoon and announced that she is taking some time away from the majority of her WWE responsibilities to be with her family, beginning tomorrow. She noted that WWE is a lifelong legacy for her, and she looks forward to returning to the company that she loves after taking time off to focus on her family.

In an update, it was noted by Fightful Select that there had been talk of McMahon being less involved in WWE as of late. However, WWE sources have quickly shut down any potential rumors on McMahon being pushed out of her position.

Regarding internal reactions to the announcement, PWInsider reports that just about no one besides the inner-most circle had any idea this was coming. Furthermore, many people were completely shocked and taken aback by the news. It was also noted that there are many people reaching out within WWE and beyond the company to try and find out what led to McMahon’s decision.

McMahon noted in her announcement that she looks forward to returning to work, and everyone expects her to come back, but there is no timetable as of now. There is no word yet on who will be handling McMahon’s duties while she’s away.

Triple H re-tweeted Stephanie’s announcement but he has not commented as of now.