Kevin Steen & Michael Elgin’s Potential WWE Tryout, Will Their ROH Contracts Effect Them?

– As was reported earlier, there has been talk within WWE of top Ring of Honor and independent stars Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin being invited to the next developmental tryouts. As an update on this, for viewers of Steen’s interview show, The Kevin Steen Show, this information was known as Steen revealed in his interview with Nigel McGuinness that he would be having a tryout with WWE later in the year once his Ring of Honor contract expired, and that if he wasn’t offered a deal that satisfied him he’d probably re-sign with the company (ROH).

During this conversation Steen noted that his contract expires in August, so he won’t be able to attend a WWE tryout until then, Michael Elgin’s contract expiration date is coming up in July as he signed a two-year extension on his deal in the summer of 2012.