MSG WWE RAW Viewership, Shawn Michaels Talks About NXT Improvements

– This week’s edition of WWE RAW from Madison Square Garden, which was the first episode up against Monday Night Football competition for the season, drew 2.130 million viewers. RAW from one year ago (9/10/18) drew 2.740 million viewers (22% year-to-year drop) and last week’s Labor Day RAW drew 2.507 million viewers.

Here are the hourly numbers:


– In an interview with, Shawn Michaels talked about the NXT brand improving:

“We continue to try and improve on things that are innovative, things that will take NXT into the future. We don’t spend a lot of time on what has worked or the foundational aspects or values of the wrestling business as a whole. Creatively, as a group, we try to think about tiers we want to go to, and maybe putting ourselves into uncomfortable situations. If we’re getting like that creatively, I feel like that’s a good place to be in because it means we are stretching ourselves.”