Mystery Surrounding WWE’s “White Rabbit” Has Possibly Been Solved

It would appear that the mystery of the “White Rabbit” has been solved.

The song “White Rabbit” was played in the arena on Friday night when SmackDown was taking a break for commercials. The song has been continuously played at live events that WWE has held over the weekend.

However, as was pointed out on Friday night, this could be for Karrion Kross because he was known as The White Rabbit when he was in Lucha Underground. This has led to rumors that Bray Wyatt will return, but this could be for Karrion Kross instead.

On his Twitter account, Kross gave the impression of confirming that he is connected in some way to the song titled “White Rabbit.” He tweeted a GIF of Sycho Sid laughing in response to a fan who tweeted a photo of Kross saying “Follow the White Rabbit.” The photo shows Kross with a rabbit in his hand.

One more fan tweeted, “White Rabbit” @realKILLERkross I’ve seen people talk about as of late? Feel like I’m missing something here lol”

In his response, Kross said, “Flattered to be remembered for that. Keep watching. Assume nothing.”

In a separate tweet, Kross gave a response to a fan who was pleased that he put an end to the rumors about Bray Wyatt. Kross tweeted:

“Call me a killer, guilty as charged.
I wouldn’t look to me as a suspect for any of this.
I’m an innocent killer.
People are reaching for answers and have no idea what to grasp for.
Keep watching and have fun.
That’s what I’m doing.”

This could also be Kross working the fans to steer them away from the real purpose of “White Rabbit.”

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