Naomi Talks First-Ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match, Her Character, More

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi recently spoke with TV Insider. Here are the highlights.

The first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match:

“I knew a women’s Royal Rumble would happen eventually, but nobody was sure. We speculated about it in the locker room, we were all so excited. I was watching Raw, and we were all so ecstatic when it was announced. We all go on the phone texting each other and calling each other. It’s very fulfilling. I feel like all the hard work for decades the women have been putting in is why we are here in this moment and getting that opportunity. Just us delivering on the prior opportunities that have been given rewarded us with this first Royal Rumble match. Everyone is so happy and proud about it. I’m excited about what women who are coming in there. The surprises. That’s going to be so awesome. I’d like Kharma to come back. I would love to see Beth Phoenix, Melina. I am a huge fan of Melina. Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly. The list goes on and one. If we get any of those, I’ll be happy.”

Her Glow character:

“I think that is why I struggled in the beginning, because I feel like I was put in storylines that weren’t me. I did the heel stuff. When I first came to NXT, I was wearing the neon stuff. Then I got away from it and ended up being a Funkadactyl dancer, which was awesome. Then I ended up being with Tamina and Team B.A.D. Then I was with the Usos for a little while. I just felt like I needed an opportunity to be on my own. I knew that once I got that moment the ‘Glow’ was what I wanted to do. That’s who I was. I really believe in the ‘Glow’ and live my life that way. It’s about being positive inside and out, and being the best version of yourself possible. I really wanted to incorporate that into wrestling. That was my way of doing it.”