Nathan Frazer Returns To WWE NXT TV (Video)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Nathan Frazer has returned to WWE NXT TV.

On this week’s Roadblock go-home episode of NXT, Frazer returned to answer NXT North American Champion Wes Lee’s Open Challenge. After a back-and-forth battle, Frazer was defeated.

NXT began with Lee alone in the ring as several Superstars brawled backstage for a shot at the title. The brawl spilled into the entrance-way, and just as Dabba-Kato appeared to be winning the title match, he was knocked out by Apollo Crews. Frazer then made an unexpected comeback, leaping from the crowd and charging into the ring to face Lee.

Frazer was later seen in the trainer’s room with McKenzie Mitchell, preparing for an interview, but Mitchell was distracted by Wendy Choo being attacked in the parking lot before the interview began.

This was Frazer’s first NXT TV match since Halloween Havoc on October 22, 2022, when he competed in the Fatal 5 Way Ladder Match for the vacant NXT North American Title against Oro Mensah, Carmelo Hayes, Von Wagner, and the winner, Lee. He returned to the ring a few weeks ago on February 11 at the live event in Citrus Springs, FL, defeating The Schism with Lee and Axiom. Frazer had been out with an unspecified injury.

The following is video from Tuesday night’s NXT TV return, as well as Frazer’s post-show tweet: