Netflix To Release “Ball And Chain” Movie With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

As noted last week, former WWE Champion The Rock is set to star in “Ball and Chain” with actress Emily Blunt. The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that Netflix picked the film up. There’s no word yet on a release date.

The movie is based on a four-part comic book published in 1999, written by Scott Lobdell. Rock and Blunt will play a bickering couple who receive super powers that only work if they can learn to put aside their differences, and work together. Below is the “Ball and Chain” description from the four-part comic book that was released in 1999:

“Edgar and Mallory Bulson have decided to throw in the towel. That was the plan anyway, until a mysterious meteor bathed the battling couple in extraterrestrial energies that gave them super-powers. Will their newfound abilities be enough to make their marriage work?”

There’s still no word yet on when “Ball and Chain” production will begin due to the coronavirus pandemic. Emily V. Gordon is writing the script, while Blunt will make her producing debut via her Ledbury Productions. Kevin Misher is also producing the film for Misher Films, along with Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions company. These two companies previously collaborated for the “Fighting with My Family” movie based on WWE Superstar Paige. Andy Berman for Misher Films and Lobdell will executive produce. Rock and Blunt previously starred in Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” together. That movie will hit theaters in July 2021.

Rock tweeted on the new project and wrote, “In #BallAndChain, Emily Blunt and I will play a married couple on the verge of divorce, who become blessed with superpowers that only work when we’re together. Written by Oscar nominee @emilyvgordon, who’s also a licensed couples therapist [eyes emoji] @netflix [Earth emoji]”

Rock also provided comments in a press release issued today on the film.

“One of our main initiatives at Seven Bucks is to continue to find the best platforms to tell stories that entertain and inspire on a global scale,” Rock said. “Netflix is the perfect partner to deliver this epic superhero/romantic comedy experience alongside us, and we’re excited to be back in business with the Netflix team. I’m also excited to not only reunite with dear friend Emily Blunt in front of the camera, but to also collaborate as producing partners as we bring Emily V. Gordon’s script to life.”