New Photo of Jerry Lawler Looking Well, Set to Return Home for Outpatient Rehab

(Photo Credit: @JerryLawler)

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is set to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

Lauryn, Lawler’s longtime partner, took to social media today to announce that Lawler had been released from the intensive care unit and would be returning to his home in Fort Myers, FL on Friday for outpatient rehab on his limited speech and cognitive skills.

Lawler’s doctors are optimistic that he will recover fully from the massive stroke he suffered on Monday, according to Lauryn.

“Jerry is out of ICU & will return to his Florida home for outpatient rehab for his limited speech & cognitive skills. Doctors hopeful for full recovery & Jerry is looking forward to returning to his fans very soon. #LongLiveTheKing,” Lauryn captioned a new photo of Lawler, who appears to be doing well in the hospital.

As previously reported, Lawler had lunch with friends on Monday afternoon before becoming ill and being found face-down outside of his Fort Myers, FL condo. Lawler was later reported to have had a massive stroke, for which he underwent surgery and then immediately began his recovery. Lawler lost some feeling and had some paralysis on his right side, as well as some paralysis on his left side, but he was already regaining feeling and use of his right arm by Tuesday night. Lawler reportedly awoke from surgery and attempted to speak but was unable to do so, and while his speech was still impaired as of Wednesday evening, doctors expected it to return as well.

Lawler, 73, recently worked the WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show and signed a public contract in Florida over the weekend. Lawler had a stroke in late March 2018, and he had a massive heart attack while doing RAW commentary in September 2012. He recovered completely.

The following is the most recent tweet from Lawler’s official account: