New Photo of Terry Funk Sporting a Different Look Surfaces

WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk was spotted in public last week in Amarillo, Texas, his hometown.

The Funker has recently adopted a new style, as seen in the photograph that can be found below.  Funk went to the Six Car Pub & Brewery in Amarillo.

The fan who spotted Funk commented on how he wished he could chug a beer alongside Funk as he did in Beyond The Mat, but it seemed as though Funk no longer consumes alcohol. It was also mentioned that Funk appeared to be in good health.

Funk, who turned 78 on June 30, has battled some health issues in the recent past and has been residing in an assisted living facility since the summer of last year. It was reported in the autumn of last year that Funk had been struggling with dementia.

Below is the new photo: