New Regarding The Bar’s Split, Baron Corbin’s New Gear

– In an interview with, Cesaro revealed that he only found out about The Bar splitting up when his travel plans changed:

“See, I was traded after the Superstar Shakeup. So, I actually thought that The Bar may not have been broken up, you know? You never know! Then, all of a sudden I get a message like ‘Hey, your travel changed,’ and I’m like ‘Ah, OK yeah, guess I’m a RAW guy now!’

Cesaro told media in London that he doesn’t believe Sheamus is retiring which would keep the door open for a possible Bar reunion.

– For one of the events during WWE’s European tour, Baron Corbin ditched his “General Manager” attire in favor of a t-shirt and jeans. Only time will tell if this becomes his permanent look.