New ROH Series To Debut This Saturday, Session Moth Martina vs. Joe Hendry, Caprice Coleman

– Ring of Honor will be debuting a new series focused on ROH Superstars playing Dungeons and Dragons. You can check out the official preview below:

Roleplay of Honor presents the Best Dungeons and Dragons on the Planet.

Premieres: Saturday, June 6th, 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Watch them in action!

* Beer City Bruiser as Maynard the Malt-maker, a mountain dwarf cleric
* Brawler Milonas as Ander the Goliath Barbarian with his great axe
* Cheeseburger as Santi the Bard with his blonde wig and popular singing skills
* Joe Hendry as Mega the Successful half-elf Bard
* Session Moth Martina as Thia as the flirtatious half-elf wizard-thief

– ROH posted the following video, showing Session Moth Martina vs. Joe Hendry in a trivia challenge:

– You can check out a video of Caprice Coleman reacting to his first ROH match below: