News On Brock Lesnar Working WWE Crown Jewel

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Brock Lesnar’s return for the WWE Crown Jewel event was not a last minute arrangement but rather was expected due to the deal to be signed during SummerSlam week in August. Lesnar’s team expected Vince McMahon to make an offer for the event and Wrestlemania 35 in 2019.

As of this writing, Lesnar hasn’t signed a UFC contract. Thus, he can make future WWE appearances. It was noted that Lesnar is looking at short-term contracts and thinks that the more he’s free, the more money he can make by playing UFC and WWE against each other. The belief is that he’s making seven figures for the match with Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 2.