News On Kofi Kingston Almost Getting New Entrance Music

In an interview with, Mega Ran revealed that Kofi Kingston almost came out to new music at Wrestlemania 35:

“We had an opportunity for Kofi’s entrance at WrestleMania to create a new song. Unfortunately, it got turned down at the 11th hour as I think a lot of folks were scared to pull the trigger on a new theme at that moment. But I like the way it came out and I hope one day they consider it.”

“But I think it’s time for a new theme. I do love it and it’s super-catchy, but it’s been five years which is a testament in itself as no tag team lasts five years… It doesn’t get booed or boring so I think they’ve got a formula. Maybe they know what they’re doing by sticking with it.”

“You can’t turn down that pop, that guaranteed reaction. You’re running a risk of taking that away if you change it. So, I get it.”

Rapper Wale commented on the situation: