News On Possible NXT Departure, AEW Having An Off-Season?

– is reporting that NXT Kacy Catanzaro recently gave in her notice to WWE. Catanzaro, who has been dating Ricochet, reportedly suffered a back injury earlier this year and decided to step away from wrestling. Catanzaro was a participant in this year’s Royal Rumble match.

– During the post-All Out media conference, AEW president Tony Khan commented on the brand possibly having an off-season:

“There’s nobody more health conscious as far as wrestling promoter or CEO or president of a wrestling organization than I am. You know also being very hands on with the creative process. Who’s booked for TV every week, who’s going to be booked for weekly TV. You’re not going to see the same people booked for TV every week. There is no off-season. There is no off-season in wrestling.”

“You know I don’t think we’re working Christmas, I don’t expect to be working Christmas. You know TNT does the Christmas Story marathon.”