News On The Backstage Atmosphere In WWE NXT

According to Mike Johnson of, there is “a lot of trepidation” and a “sense of unease” behind the scenes among NXT talents heading into tonight’s premiere of NXT 2.0.

Johnson noted the following:

“There had already been a lot of stress and concern among talents after the last batch of releases, since the feeling among many is that talents who did ‘everything they were supposed to’ and/or were ‘great talents’ were released, leaving some of those who remained that has spoken with feeling as if everyone was now on thin ice and that even if they did the right thing, it didn’t matter and their runs could be over at any point with no notice.”

It was also said that talent felt more secure with Triple H in charge. The belief is that Triple H won’t be at tonight’s event due to his recent medical procedure and it’s still uncertain which members of his team (if any) will be running the show.