News On The Undertaker – Steve Austin Podcast, WWE Not Covering Stories

(Photo Credit: WWE)

– The Steve Austin podcast with The Undertaker drew strong numbers on the WWE Network and actually had more viewers this week than the NXT Takeover: War Games PPV. Here were the top five WWE Network shows for this week:

1. Survivor Series
2. Broken Skull Sessions (Undertaker)
3. NXT Takeover: War Games
4. Survivor Series Kickoff Show
5. WWE Untold – Sting’s Last Ride

– Ryan Satin of addressed WWE not addressing some of the controversial news stories such as ACH quitting on WWE Backstage:

“I’m not the producer of the show so I don’t make those decisions. I’m very low on the totem pole in terms of what’s going to be discussed. I don’t think they want me there for opinions as they want me there to break news.”

“When it comes to negative stories, I believe there will be times when I have to talk about negative things. It’s just we’re in Week 2 and nothing super-negative has happened for me to discuss.”

“When it comes to the ACH situation, there is a lot of unknowns and I think they’d rather play it safe,” said Satin. “It’s a case-by-case basis I think.”