News On WWE Changing Plans For A Potential Brand Draft

At one point earlier this year, WWE was still planning to hold another draft. However, the company has changed plans for another Draft multiple times already, Fightful Select is reporting.

WWE was reportedly planning to hold another draft in August. However, those plans were later changed to September, before the plans were moved again to October. Then it apparently moved back to September before going back to October yet again.

WWE had reportedly informed some of its broadcast partners regarding plans for a new draft along with the idea of holding live events with limited fans in attendance in July. However, those plans were scrapped once the COVID-19 pandemic continued to worsen across the United States.

The WWE Draft event is still a go and scheduled to take place in October, but the report notes those plans could always change, as they already have multiple times by this point. The last version was held in October 2019.