News On WWE President Nick Khan Becoming A Fixture Backstage

WWE was turned upside down when they hired Nick Khan on as the company’s president. He first gained Vince McMahon’s favor by helping them arrange a deal with FOX and it was off to the races from here.

Khan, who likes to take the blame for anything fans have a problem with including mass releases, was backstage at SmackDown this week. That was previously reported, but we have learned that is not an uncommon thing nowadays.

According to RSN, “Nick Khan was backstage in Philly, but he’s been at a lot of TVs lately.” He is becoming a fixture backstage and seeing him is nothing out of the ordinary at this juncture.

A tenured member of the WWE creative team also commented, “I can’t say it’s a rare occurrence,” in regards to Nick Khan’s presence backstage. It’s not really that big of a deal since he frequents the backstage area at television tapings these days.

Khan will frequently travel with Vince McMahon where they can take care of business during their trips. It was not noted whether Khan was backstage at SmackDown this week on any specific blue brand business, but he was backstage this week.