News Regarding A New AEW Title and Rankings System

Here are the highlights from the Cody Rhodes media call to promote Saturday’s AEW Full Gear PPV courtesy of…

Cody is asked about time off being a wrestler’s enemy.

Rhodes says due to theatrics, sport, bodybuilding and vanity, the only preparation is to do it, and that the six weeks and AEW Dark have allowed them to get reps in.

Cody is asked about comparisons to Dusty Rhodes in his recent promo.

“When you go back through the curtain, sometimes you don’t need to ask if it was good or bad, you know.”

Cody is asked about comparisons to Dusty Rhodes in his recent promo.

Cody said he couldn’t even hear himself. It was sensory overload – but he meant everything he said, it was all authentic.

Cody is asked about comparisons to Dusty Rhodes in his recent promo.

“Wrestling is best when it’s real, and I’m glad that resonated with fans.”

Cody is asked about how big this match in his career and says it IS the biggest match in his career.

He credits having Omega, Jericho and Moxley, but says in addition to being the EVP, he wants to be the quarterback.

“There’s a lot riding on this. I don’t just take my own pressure into this. The fans want what we said to not be campaign promises, they want them to be real. So far, they have been.”

Cody said he welcomes the pressure.

Cody is asked about him saying he didn’t like some aspects of production from other companies.

“If you read some of my interviews and things that gets clickbaited, it sounds like I hate Kevin Dunne and the way he produces things…”

“..but he did WrestleMania and I like taking things from my time there, but also Keith Mitchell is something I’d look to. Not having tape on microphones visible.”

“The thing I include in every media debrief – the production and the talent are a family. You need to know each other’s names and not bark, because they will be your heroes.”

Cody says Darby Allin has done that.

Cody is asked about the possibility of an AEW “midcard” title.

He says he hates the phrase “midcard” because those titles should “rise above”, confirms there will be a “prize” for those guys in the next month or so.

Cody Rhodes confirms the top five rankings will be out today for men and women, and hopefully every Friday.

Cody says music in WWE is piped into the mix and feed, and people want to hear songs more.

Cody said he will bump audio mixes but he wants to hear the audience so he won’t pipe it in, as the raucous audience does not compare to any other wrestling show.

“We’re so grateful for the fans, so we want to hear them.”

Cody Rhodes on the music production.

“I love the constructive criticism. It’s quite easy to spot. Even with the millions of engagements, it’s easy to tell the difference between a troll and someone saying the things that are wrong and we need to fix. No-one is taking for granted what we have here.”

Cody said it’s difficult to get female performers from abroad in legally, but AEW is doing it. Puts over what Kenny Omega is doing with the women, and says he can’t wait for Riho vs Emi Sakura.

Cody said the women’s representation will kick up following Full Gear.

Cody says the biggest lesson he’s learned as an EVP is what he calls “the diplomacy of wrestling” – meaning how you speak to each other.

“I refuse panic when it comes to that two-hour broadcast.”

“We cannot change what we planned and become a reactionary brand. We can only react to our audience.”

“Six weeks in a row, we’ve gone up against the biggest promotion in the world in WWE, and we’ve won every single week. They’ve put out people like AJ Styles and Finn Balor, and we’ve still won.”

On the judges, Rhodes speaks about people comparing #AEWFullGear’s main event having three judges, stating that he had to bite his tongue when people compared it to TNA as, “The makeup artist isn’t going to be a judge.”