News Regarding Direction of The SmackDown Women’s Division

Dave Meltzer of discussed WWE’s current plans for the Smackdown women’s title. The belief is that Bayley will face Lacey Evans at the Royal Rumble but nothing is set in stone:

“We don’t need Bayley vs Lacey Evans on the Royal Rumble card. The idea was when it was pulled from the last card [TLC] that it would be added to the next card. Again, you know how Vince operates. Until it happens it hasn’t happened and he can change his mind until the very last minute.”

Meltzer also discussed Dana Brooke’s current position in WWE coming off her recent TV losses:

“That’s what you have enhancement talent for and Dana Brooke is enhancement talent. So, she’s there when they need a heel — now Dana Brooke may get a win now — you know because they do 50/50 booking, it won’t mean anything too much, but you know she’s not the one being pushed.”

“Lacey Evans is the one that they’re behind. Dana’s just there to lose when they need a loss. If they need a win she’ll take a win.”