News Regarding Possible Wrestling School For AEW

Dustin Rhodes recently did an interiew with Jim Varsallone and here are the highlights.

On his positive memories of Goldust: “Probably the first couple of years of the Goldust character when Goldust was really hated. Because we were really just stepping over the line with doing some crazy, outlandish things. And you know, it was not ready for the public yet, and the public was eating it up. And it was fun, it was easy once I found that niche of what to do and how to do things, it became very easy and it was just fun because it was hated, and I loved being a heel … but the early years of Goldust, the Booker T years of course, the R-Truth years, the Cody years. Those were the things that kind of stick out in my mind of the fun times that I had. And the rest was just filler and a bunch of crap.”

On enjoying being a heel: “Being a heel, that is so much fun in the business. It’s a lot easier to be hated than it is to be liked. You can go out there and you can try your hardest to be liked, but if the crowd doesn’t like you for whatever reasons, it’s a lost cause. That’s why being a heel to me is so much funner.”

On wanting to develop talent for AEW: “I think, and I was planning on talking to Tony [Khan] about this. I want, I’ve been wanting to open up a wrestling school for quite some time. And I think Texas would be a good place for it, and a good place for an AEW Wrestling-slash-Dustin Rhodes wrestling school to get these kids ready and I would be all for that. Yes, I definitely think they need a place, just like the other company has the other place. And I think it’s important when you’re bringing in talent that is hungry and young, and need a place to train and learn, and learn how to do things properly, learn how to speak properly, learn how to cut your promos and whatever else is offered. Yes, definitely. That is something that I think is 110% needed.”