News Regarding WWE NXT Takeover PPV Changes

As announced during NXT Takeover: War Games, the next Takeover PPV will be a standalone event and will take place on a Sunday. The event takes place on Sunday, February 16th in Portland, Oregon and will be the first WWE PPV in the state since No Mercy 2008. Dave Meltzer of discussed Takeover being on a Sunday:

“I think the new thing is that they want all the big shows on Sunday to avoid the Saturday boxing and whatever competition there is. I think that they have found or there is a belief that the viewership on the Network has been traditionally much stronger on Sundays than Saturdays and of course, there’s a reason for that.”

“Essentially, this is a test that they’re doing with the TakeOver UK show and for this show where it’s like we’re gonna see if more people watch these TakeOvers on Sunday and if it works that way then Sunday will be, you know, the night.”

The Saturday, January 25th event prior to the Royal Rumble will be a WWE “Worlds Collide” event. The belief is that there will be another Takeover during Wrestlemania weekend.