Nia Jax On Why She Doesn’t Let Alexa Bliss Drive With Her, Paige’s 10 Best WWE Moments, Zack Ryder

– During an interview answering fan questions with the Australian television channel 9Go!, Nia Jax was asked to reveal the craziest thing to happen to her while on the road. Jax said she thought she was going to die when she let her travel partner Alexa Bliss drive one time. She also says that Bliss is actually 4’11” (not 5’1″ as she is billed by WWE).

“I guess I’m not too crazy on the road, I’m really like a freak- I always have to be driving,” Jax said. “I don’t ever let Alexa [Bliss] drive because she’s like 4’11” and she can’t reach the pedals. And I swear, I let her drive one time and I thought I was going to die because she couldn’t reach the pedals and then she kept looking at her phone. I had the biggest anxiety attack, so I told her to pull over.”

Jax also answered questions on how she got into wrestling, advice from The Rock, and her greatest opponent.

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