Exclusive: Nick Aldis Opens Up About His IMPACT Wrestling Return, Mickie James’ Status, Possible Match With Maclin

(Photo Credit: Impact)

Nick Aldis exclusively spoke with PWMania.com‘s “Legends, Let’s Rethink This” crew (Dave Westbrook, Tim Clements, and TJ Stephens from Filter Free Popcast) about a wide range of topics, including his return to IMPACT Wrestling, a potential match with Maclin, Mickie James’ injury status, and going in-depth into Hulk Hogan’s dominant run in WWE during the 80s. Here are some highlights from Aldis’ appearance and you can watch the complete show below.

Returning to IMPACT Wrestling:

“We had been chatting back and forth for a little while now, Impact and I, and then the opportunity presented itself, and we were all very much on the same page, and we were all excited about it. So then we shook hands, and we made an agreement, and I was set to start at Rebellion. Obviously people know that Josh Alexander got hurt, and obviously Mickie [James] got hurt, so there was a lot of sort of speculation and extenuating circumstances anyway, but it sort of tied in quite well because it was agreed upon that I would come back and immediately state my intention to be in the mix for the world title. So it was a very fun way to get stuck in. I’m tremendously grateful to Impact for showing that sort of level of respect. So now the responsibility is mine to prove them right.”

IMPACT Wrestling’s level of production:

“I was really, really impressed with the level of production at Rebellion. I thought that venue was fantastic. The production level Impact has just steadily improved, incrementally. You can really feel it hitting their stride now with packages and their entrances. It’s been really cool to sort of see that. And Eric Tompkins who’s I’ve known since I was in Impact the first go, he’s one of the guys who was there before in the previous administration. Getting to work with him again right out of the chute is really fun because we already know each other and we sort of understand each other and how I want to be presented and how they want to sort of tell their stories.”

The feeling backstage at IMPACT:

“It’s just really cool to sort of collaborate with this team because it’s a really, really positive energy. The overwhelming feeling in the dressing room at Impact is that there’s forward momentum. The guys are all sort of striving to build something together. A healthy competitiveness don’t get me wrong, but that sort of ‘Hey, we’re here to do business. We’re here to sort of build this up together. So, it’s another great place to work. Yeah, it’s fun being part of that atmosphere again.”

What he’s looking forward to:

“One of the things that I’m looking forward to in coming back and working with Impact is applying some of the lessons I’ve learned from the last five years, but now being able to apply it to Impact and their history. At this point, you’re talking about a 20-year legacy with a who’s who in the industry. There’s a lot to build off of there. A lot of guys’ origin stories, either begin there or they weave their way through there. Obviously, there’s been some administrative changes, changes in ownership and stuff like that. But the Impact Wrestling property you’re now talking about their fingerprints are all over the entire industry.”

“So it’s fun to be able to sort of take my approach that’s worked for me somewhere else and now see how I can sort of connect that into the Impact sort of mainframe. Does that make sense? It’s just a very sort of interesting challenge to sort of go, you know, ‘Let’s remind people just what it is we’re working with here.’ If you believe it, they believe it. Let’s give it to them.”

A potential match with Maclin, and Maclin as world champion:

“I think that seed has been planted, and I’m actually getting sort of my first in-person experience with Steve Maclin, so it’s very cool to sort of get to be there for his big opportunity, his level up moment because I remember what it was like to get the shot, getting the world title. It’s a very key point in your career. It’s time to get serious and to realize that you’ve got an opportunity here to sort of establish yourself for a long time to come, but it’s on you now to deliver the goods at that main-event level.”

Mickie James’ current injury status:

“She is doing well. I wouldn’t want to put a number on it percentage-wise. She is certainly not in any pain or discomfort anymore with her rib. It was just in a very awkward spot which made it difficult to heal and made it difficult for her to avoid aggravating it so it took a bit longer than we anticipated for it to heal, but now it looks good and looks like she’ll be clear within weeks.”