Nick Aldis Wanted to Go to WWE When He Left Impact Wrestling and Still Does

Nick Aldis recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle on The Kurt Angle Show for an interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, he looked back on his desire to join WWE after his 2017 exit from Impact Wrestling. Aldis noted that when he left, he wanted to see if he could go to WWE.

Aldis said:

“I think that Jeff [Jarrett], he had the best intentions with GFW. But, his heart wasn’t really in it and obviously now, knowing what we know now, I didn’t know at the time, we know that Jeff was having some personal issues with addiction and I don’t wanna harp on that too much. So, I was just treating it as, let’s just see what happens. I didn’t have any expectations. The company was more or less the same from how it had been when I left and it was great to see all the guys and I was excited to work with [Alberto] Del Rio because I’d never wrestled him before and I thought he was a great worker and you know, so I thought that could be a big match.

You know, I just sort of came in and did business. I got a nice payday for it. But I remember just sort of being like, hey, I’m just gonna come in and do business. It’s good to see everyone but I’m gonna keep moving on. It was time for me to move on. I wasn’t released. My contract expired and I didn’t sign another one. I was sort of ready to try something else. Truth be told, I wanted to see if I could get to WWE and still do. In my mind, I was like, I’ve paid my dues, I’ve worked with a lot of guys, I’ve done about as much as I can do… It’s a Tony Robbins phrase I like to use, ‘You won’t take the island unless you burn your boats,’ you know?”

You can listen to the complete show below:

(H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription)