Nikki Bella On Fans Thinking Relationship With John Cena Helped Her Success In WWE

Nikki Bella spoke with the New York Post for a new interview discussing Ronda Rousey’s promo on last week’s Raw among other topics. Here are the highlights.

Relationship with John Cena getting credit for her success:

“I’ve grown thick-skinned to it. I just can’t wait for the day it can stop and not every promo towards me brings up my ex and I think it will [stop]. I think there will come a day for that, but maybe there won’t, but I do hope so.”

The perception that she got ahead by dating Cena:

“I guess where it doesn’t make me angry or feel bad about myself is I know the hard work that I’ve done to get where I’m at. I know the stuff that … John didn’t do what everyone said. He was my biggest supporter. He gave me amazing advice. I’d pick his brain all the time, and that’s what he did for my career, [like] everyone who has that special person in their life…I think for me, this is the part where not only do men need to evolve, but [also] women that just because a woman is successful doesn’t mean it’s because of her man,” Nikki said. “I think it’s unfair.”