Nikki Bella On John Cena & WWE Being Able To Change Things In New Bellas Book

2020 WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins just appeared on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast to promote their new “Incomparable” co-written memoir, which hit book shelves last week. Nikki Bella revealed that both WWE and ex-boyfriend John Cena had editorial rights to content that mentioned them in the book.

The interviewer noted that Nikki had to sign a contract in regards to what she would write about her relationship with Cena. Cena also had editorial rights on any content where he was mentioned. Cena was allowed to read the chapter on him, and had the right to make edits.

Nikki was asked if Cena having the right to edit content affected how she was writing the book, knowing that he would be approving it first.

“I mean, of course,” Nikki answered. “It definitely… writing it, that stuff did cross my mind, it did. And there was never anything bad I wanted to say about John. John and I had a beautiful relationship. Did we have struggles? Yes. Will anyone ever know about them? No. [inaudible] Overall we did have such a beautiful relationship.”

Nikki then discussed WWE having editorial rights. She revealed that they did take out a few stories from her final draft.

“I mean WWE also had editing rights and took out a few stories as well,” Nikki said. “And I respect that. I understand that I’m not a private person and some people like to be private, but even with the stuff that was edited with John, there was nothing crazy bad.

“I just wish I was able to talk more about why I ended up where I ended up. I still feel like people always will wonder that, and I think it’s just because we put our relationship out there on reality TV for 5 or 6 years. So, I wanted to tell that story, but… yeah, so…”

Nikki was then asked if she regretted signing the contract.

“You know, I was so young. I was either 20 or 29. I don’t regret it because I understand… even now I understand it, I do,” Nikki said. “But I also do represent being an empowering woman and using your voice, and so those are the moments where I wish maybe I handled things a little differently because of what I represent now and what I’ve always wanted to represent, and I feel like sometimes that can take your voice away, but I don’t have regrets with it.”