Nikki Bella Speaks On Lack Of Respect During Divas Era, Relationship With John Cena

Nikki and Brie Bella were guests on Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss Radio podcast. Here are the highlights (Transcript courtesy of

Her struggles with becoming known as John Cena’s girlfriend:

“It started when my ex fiance and I got engaged, even when we were together. I accomplished so much in my career and I’ve been there [WWE] for 12 years. Everything turned into, ‘Oh yeah, that’s John Cena’s girlfriend fiance.’ Even when I started to meet people or they would Google me, that’s what they recognized me for, that was my accomplishment. I don’t know if it’s being a strong woman or entrepreneur; but, it would kind of frustrate me because I’m more than that and I always was.”

Lack of respect for female Superstars during the Divas Era:

“Brie and I have been there for almost 12 years and the old perception of us women wrestlers; they called us Divas. They really wanted us to promote the sex appeal of it all. I totally feel like it opened doors for men and other people to treat us that way. That’s what has been so amazing about the women’s revolution at WWE. We’re finally demanding respect, showing the world we’re equal to the men. I’ve noticed in the past few years of them recognizing, dropping the name Diva and now we’re Superstars like the men. A lot of that has gone away. It rarely happens now.”