NJPW Battle In The Valley Review – January 13, 2024

NJPW Battle In The Valley Review – January 13, 2024

Location: San Jose California
Venue: San Jose Civic

Strong Survivor Match
Matt Vandagriff defeated Goldy via 450 Splash (6:09) (Pre Show)

Strong Women’s Title #1 Contenders Match
Stephanie Vaquer defeated Viva Van via Package Backbreaker (9:55) (Pre Show)

6 Man Tag Team Match
Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Royce Issacs & Jorel Nelson) vs. Shota Umino, Jacob Fatu & Fred Rosser

Tom Lawlor & Fred Rosser starts this match before West Coast Wrecking Crew works over Rosser with Royce Isaacs hitting an deadlift German suplex for a near fall.

Lawlor tags himself in which angered Jorel Nelson then Jacob Fatu tags in and hits a pop up Samoan Drop then a dive through the ropes then a Fosbury Flop to the floor.

In the ring Fatu hits a Swanton Bomb then a handspring back moonsault for a near fall.

Shota Umino tags in and he hits an exploder suplex, a dropkick and a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Team Filthy hits a team powerbomb on Umino for a near fall.

Umino set up for Death Rider but Nelson blocks it then they traded forearm strikes.

Umino nails a pop up European Uppercut, a Blaze Blade then Death Rider for the win.

Winners: Shota Umino, Jacob Fatu & Fred Rosser (8:59)
Rate: 6

After the match Shota Umino shook hands with fans at ringside when a masked man attacked him. He came over the ropes and removed his mask. It’s Jack Perry & he hits a double arm DDT then pulls out papers from his pocket. It was his AEW contract and he rips it up.

Tag Team Match
Mascara Dorada & Volador Jr vs. Soberano Jr & Rocky Romero

Volador Jr & Rocky Romero starts this match but Romero tags out before locking up.

Mascara Dorada hits a top rope crossbody on Soberano Jr then Soberano Jr stretched Dorada before Dorada hits some hurricanrana.

Volador enters and hits some dropkicks before he & Dorada hit dives to the floor and in the ring Romero hits Forever Clotheslines.

Volador hits a Lungblower on Romero for a near fall then Romero hits Trash Compactor before Soberano Jr hits a top rope corkscrew press.

Dorada sets Soberano Jr up for an electric chair but he flips him to the mat for a near fall.

Dorada hit a corkscrew plancha to the floor onto Soberano Jr then in the ring Volador Jr hits Canadian Destroyer on Romero to get the win.

Winners: Mascara Dorada & Volador Jr (11:11)
Rate: 7

Champion vs. Champion Match
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion TJP vs. Global Champion David Finlay

TJP attacks David Finlay to start this match and they brawled up the entrance ramp then TJP slams Finlay’s shoulder into the ring post. In the ring Finlay hits some Irish whips and took control.

Finlay hits a backbreaker over his knee for a near fall before TJP snaps Finlay’s arm backward then hits a top rope splash to the floor on Finlay.

In the ring TJP hits a splash on Finlay’s back as Finlay was draped over the top rope then TJP hits a tornado DDT and hits Facewash kicks in the corner.

TJP hits a springboard DDT for a near fall before Finlay hits a swinging side slam and they were both down. Finlay hits a backbreaker over his knee for a near fall.

He hits another one then a Dominator for a near fall then Finlay grabs his shillelagh but the ref confiscated it. TJP sprayed red mist in Finlay’s face.

TJP hits a knee strike for a near fall then Mamba Splash for another near fall.

TJP applied a mid ring Octopus stretch but Finlay drops TJP face first on the top turnbuckle and hit a superkick then a piledriver for a near fall then hits Overkill for the win.

Winner: Global Champion David Finlay (13:07)
Rate: 6

Strong Openweight Tag Team Titles Match
Guerrillas Of Density (El Phantasmo & Hikuleo) (c) vs. Bullet Club War Dogs (Alex Coughlin & Clark Connors)

Bullet Club War Dogs attacks Guerrillas Of Density before the bell then Hikuleo hits a DDT on Alex Coughlin. Clark Connors & El Phantasmo brawled on the floor.

In the ring Connors grounded Hikuleo and works over his left knee then Hikuleo finally hit a double clothesline and he made the hot tag.

ELP hits a top rope crossbody onto Bullet Club War Dogs before he hits Lionsault on Coughlin then a tornado DDT on the floor on Connors.

In the ring ELP hits a modified Death Valley Driver before Coughlin hits a German suplex on Hikuleo then a modified Death Valley Driver on Phantasmo.

Connors hits a spear on Hikuleo before Bullet Club War Dogs hits Hit & Run on Hikuleo for a near fall.

They hit a double team forearm strikes then a double team suplex move for a near fall.

Connors hits a 2nd rope spear as Coughlin held Hikuleo upside down for a near fall.

Hikuleo hits a powerslam on Coughlin then Godsend then Phantasmo hits Super Thunder Kiss 86 for the win.

Winners & Still Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions: Guerrillas Of Density (12:06) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)
Rate: 6

Strong Women’s Title Match
Giulia (c) vs. Trish Adora

Giulia & Trish Adora shook hands then they do some standing switches to start this match before Giulia applied a mid ring Octopus Stretch but Adora reversed the pressure.

Adora hits a backbreaker over her knee then a 2nd one before Adora hits a snap suplex for a near fall then they got up and traded forearm strikes.

Giulia hits a 2nd rope missile dropkick for a near fall before they traded German suplexes before Giulia hits a back suplex then Adora hits a senton and they were both down.

Adora hits a Bubba Bomb and locks in a Cattle Mutilation but Giulia reached the ropes before Adora hits a running powerslam onto mat on the floor.

Giulia whips Adora into the guardrail then she hit a snap suplex onto the mat.

Giulia hits a top rope double underhook superplex but Adora pops up at one.

Giulia hit a knee strike for a near fall then Adora hits a Mafia Kick before Giulia hits a Northern Lights Driver for the win.

Winner & Still Strong Women’s Champion: Giulia (13:02) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

On a video screen Mustafa Ali is bringing his 2024 campaign to New Japan & he is challenging Hiromu Takahashi at Windy City Riot in Chicago on April 12th.

Tag Team Match
TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr & Bad Dude Tito) vs. Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb)

Zack Sabre Jr & Matt Riddle starts this match with some quick mat reversals before Riddle flips ZSJ around in his arms. Bad Dude Tito & Jeff Cobb enters and they immediately traded forearm strikes.

Cobb hits a dropkick before Riddle hit an assisted corkscrew senton then Tito hits a slingshot senton on Riddle then ZSJ stomped on Riddle’s bare foot.

ZSJ hits some European uppercuts as TMDK works over Riddle before Cobb made the hot tag and he hits a back suplex on ZSJ for a near fall before Cobb missed a standing moonsault so ZSJ immediately snaps Cobb’s neck between his ankles.

Cobb went for Tour Of The Islands but ZSJ turns it into a Crucifix Driver then ZSJ hits a tornado DDT but he clutched at his lower back.

Riddle & Tito tags in & Tito hits a German Suplex for a near fall then Tito hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Riddle for a near fall. Riddle hits a top rope moonsault press on Tito.

Riddle & ZSJ traded chops before ZSJ applied an ankle lock. Cobb flips ZSJ in the air and Riddle hits a knee strike on ZSJ’s head before Tito hits an exploder suplex on Cobb then Riddle hits Tito with Brostone for the win.

Winners: Chosen Bros (11:45)
Rate: 6

Continental Crown Match
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Gabriel Kidd

Gabriel Kidd attacks Eddie Kingston as Kingston tried to enter the ring and they brawled on the entrance ramp as they brawled around ringside.

Kidd hits a German suplex onto the mat and he shoved Kingston face first into the ring post. They got in and the bell rang to officially begin the match.

They traded chops. Kingston pulls down the straps of his singlet and they traded more chops. Kingston hits a t bone suplex and they were both down.

Kingston hits a clothesline into the corner then Machine Gun Chops before Kidd nailed a brainbuster for a near fall. Kingston hits a half nelson suplex and a spinning backfist for a near fall.

Kidd hit a Saito Suplex then a Tombstone Piledriver for a near fall. They were on all 4s and traded headbutts then slaps to the face then more headbutts.

They got up and traded more chops before Kidd spits at Kingston and Kingston peppered him with punches. Kingston hits a spinning backfist but Kidd rolls to the floor.

Kingston went to the floor and they traded more chops before Kingston suplexes him onto the floor and he went to climb back into the ring.

Kidd grabs the mic and said Is that all you got, you f*cking b*tch? so Kingston attacks him and the ref counted them both out.

Winner: No One (Double Count Out) (12:06) (Kingston retains)
Rate: 7

After the match Alex Coughlin & Clark Connors ran to the ring and help beat up Kingston then Kidd hits a piledriver on Kingston onto a Continental Crown and he posed with the Continental Crown.

No Disqualification Match
Shingo Takagi vs. Jon Moxley

Shingo Takagi & Jon Moxley immediately traded forearm strikes then they rolled to the floor and Takagi had 2 kendo sticks so he tossed one to Moxley, and they dueled with them.

Moxley shoved a kendo stick into Takagi’s mouth then hits Takagi over the head with a garbage can lid. He wraps a chain around his fist and punched Takagi.

They got in the ring where Takagi hits a snap suplex and he grounded Moxley on the mat then hits a senton. They brawled right back to the floor and Moxley punched at the cut.

In the ring Moxley puts a trash can over Takagi’s head and he hits the can with a kendo stick then Moxley broke the kendo stick and he jabbed the shards into Takagi’s forehead.

Moxley hits a piledriver for a near fall then hits a sliding clothesline but Takagi pops up. Takagi hits a short arm clothesline. Takagi hit a suplex.

Moxley bites at the open cut then he sets up for a dive to the floor but Takagi hits him with the trash can lid in the face.

Takagi hits a top rope superplex and Takagi began hitting Moxley with elbow strikes to the side of the head. They traded headbutts. Moxley hits a German suplex before Takagi hits a back suplex.

Moxley hit a Death Rider but Takagi pops up, hit a diving forearm and they were both down then they each went to the floor, got chairs from under the ring and tossed them in.

They dueled with chairs before Takagi got the chain and hits Pumping Bomber with it wrapped around his fist. Moxley wraps the chain around Takagi’s neck and he hanged him with it.

Moxley hits a top rope elbow drop onto Takagi as he was lying on a table on the floor then in the ring Moxley got a table. Takagi sprayed green mist into Moxley’s eyes.

Moxley hits a 2nd rope Death Valley Driver through a table set up in the ring before Takagi hits Moxley with table shards then Pumping Bomber for a near fall. They traded forearms.

Moxley hits a stunner then a Stomp to the head then Death Rider for a near fall. Moxley hits the elbow strikes to the side of the head and he locks in a Rear Naked Choke.

Moxley hits a head capture suplex but Takagi kicks out at one then Moxley hits Death Rider onto an open chair for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley (26:16)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay

Match starts off with a lock up and standing switches before Will Ospreay hits a hurricanrana then clotheslines Okada to the floor.

He missed a plancha to the floor and Okada immediately hits a DDT onto the mat at ringside. They traded forearm strikes at ringside.

In the ring Okada took control before Ospreay hits a suplex then hits handspring back spin kick. He nails the plancha to the floor.

In the ring Ospreay hits a springboard flying forearm for a near fall and some Kawada Kicks. Okada hit a flapjack faceplant and they were both down.

Okada hits a neckbreaker over his knee and he locks in Money Clip sleeper on the mat but Ospreay hits an enzuigiri. Okada went for a German suplex but Ospreay rotated and landed on his feet.

Ospreay hits a running Shooting Star Press before Okada hits a flush dropkick. Ospreay hits the heel hook kick to the face then OsCutter for a near fall.

Ospreay missed a Phoenix Splash and Okada immediately hits a shotgun dropkick. Okada hit a Tombstone Piledriver onto the thin mat at ringside.

In the ring Okada hits a top rope elbow drop and sets up for Rainmaker but Ospreay blocks it. Ospreay went for an OsCutter but it was blocked.

Okada went for Rainmaker but Ospreay turns it into a mid ring Spanish Fly then Ospreay hits Styles Clash for a near fall. Okada hit a dropkick then hits Storm Breaker for a near fall.

Okada hits Rainmaker for a near fall then Ospreay went for a dropkick but Ospreay caught his legs and hits a sit out powerbomb.

They traded forearm strikes while on their knees then they got to their feet and traded more forearms before Ospreay nails a flying forearm and he mockingly made the Rainmaker pose but he hit a dropkick.

Ospreay nailed the Rainmaker for a near fall then he hits Storm Breaker for a near fall.

Ospreay set up for Hidden Blade but Okada hits a dropkick then hits some short arm clotheslines then Rainmaker for the win.

Winner: NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Kazuchika Okada (28:34)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

After the match They hugged before Bullet Club War Dogs ran into the ring and beat them up. TJP & Cobb ran in to make the save as did Eddie Kingston. TJP sprayed more mist into Connors’ eyes. The crowd chanted thank you Ospreay! He got on the mic and said you can thank me after I wipe the blood of the Bullet Club in a Steel Cage. He told Kingston I owe you one. Ospreay continued speaking saying It’s been a really fun 8 years. He said NJPW allowed him to be young and make mistakes and grow. He said Okada is literally the best wrestler ever. He reiterated it is his last singles match in New Japan. The crowd chanted you deserve it! at him. He reiterated that we still have a Steel Cage match on Feb 11th. He warned that it would be violent.