NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Night 7 Results – May 19, 2023

NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Night 7 Results – May 19, 2023

Location: Aomori Japan
Venue: New Aomori Prefecture Sports Park Arena

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Master Wato (8) vs. Clark Connors (6)

Clark Connors hits Master Wato with some chops and uppercuts before Wato hits with Tijeras and a springboard uppercut then another rana takes Connors to the outside for a plancha but it’s caught on the landing as Wato got introduced to the ring post repeatedly.

Back inside a powerslam sets up Connors for a spear but he misses again on the No Chaser on the orders of Gedo at ringside before a 2nd spear lands but a 3rd one sees Connors gets sent into the ropes before the Tsutenkaku German suplex got the win.

Winner: Master Wato (10) (6:10)
Rate: 6

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Ryusuke Taguchi (0) vs. Douki (4)

Douki must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Ryusuke Taguchi looks to dive early but Douki avoids a plancha then scores with a rebound DDT on the floor then a DDT back inside the ring gets a two count before Taguchi struck back with a cartwheel hip attack & that took Douki to the outside for a springboard body press but Taguchi is able to turn it around back inside setting up for a Bummer Ye which misses as Douki pulls him into the Douki Chokey.

Douki is forced to let go as Taguchi got to the ropes before Daybreak gets sidestep and counters into Oh My & Garankle then pulls Douki into Dodon. Taguchi rolls through the roll through and goes back to Oh My & Garankle only for Douki to switch back into Douki Chokey pulling Taguchi to the mat but Taguchi powers up and walked through the hold then he goes back to the Oh My & Garankle.

Douki fought free and nearly wins with the backsliding Widow’s Peak before landing Suplex De La Luna gets the win.

Winner: Douki (6) (7:46)
Rate: 6

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kevin Knight (6) vs. Robbie Eagles (8)

Match starts off with Kevin Knight works over the arm of Robbie Eagles then Knight stays on Eagles with a body slam but he celebrated way too early and got trap into Ron Miller Special but Knight makes it to the ropes.

We head to the floor with a plancha from Knight, but Eagles manages to get back into things, scoring with a dropkick to Knight’s knee. Eagles runs into a dropkick from Knight, who was hobbling as he leapt into the corner before a tilt a whirl backbreaker earned him a two count.

We get see saw pins looked to lead to another Ron Miller Special, as Knight escapes from it but Eagles with another low dropkick to the knee. Knight tries one more time with a top rope rana but Eagles leaps down to avoid it then he catches Knight on the mat with the Ron Miller Special for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Robbie Eagles (10) (8:45)
Rate: 7

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Titan (8) vs. Sho (4)

Sho attacks Titan before the bell as he drags him over to Evil at the timekeeper’s table. Except Evil doesn’t look happy then Sho gets thrown to the outside for Titan’s non dive before he blocks a Tijeras and powerbombs Titan onto the side of the ring.

Back inside the ring Sho goes for Titan’s mask before he threw Titan outside and Evil won’t get involved then a boot from Titan leads to a swinging DDT before some body scissors drags Sho to the outside for a springboard moonsault with Evil once again refusing to take the bullet for Sho.

Titan’s caught with a spear after Sho used the referee as a human shield and Sho to go for Bobo as Evil just watches on as Titan ducks the wrench then rolls Sho into El Immortal as Titan’s take on a Muta lock finally led to Evil getting involved by distracting the referee as Sho taps out.

Titan takes a swing at Evil & he knocks him down with an overhead kick before kicks took ho ahead of a missed double stomp. Sho gets hit with a another swinging DDT seconds later for a near fall before Evil snuck in a chair shot to Titan in the ropes & Sho goes for the cover only it gets a two count from it before a Shock Arrow gets the win.

Winner: Sho (6) (7:38)
Rate: 5

After the match Sho & Evil put the boots to Titan then rip off his mask then Ryohei Oiwa makes the sav  but has the mask put on him as he’s beaten up forcing the mask less Titan to make his own save. Evil & Sho hug it out.

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4) vs. Francesco Akira (6)

Kanemaru must wins or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru jumps Francesco Akira before the bell but a Tijeras takes Kanemaru outside then he quickly returns for a low dropkick as Akira took too long on the dive. Back outside Akira’ is thrown knee first into the ring post as Kanemaru began to work over Akira’s leg. Akira manages to get back in it with a double stomp before a drop down trips up Kanemaru ahead of a roll up we keep going with the see saw pins before Akira got a pin to stick to score the victory.

Winner: Francesco Akira (8) (4:09) (Since Kanemaru lost he’s eliminated)
Rate: 6

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kushida (2) vs. Lio Rush (8)

Lio Rush doesn’t want to play into Kushida’s games by ordering him to stand up as Kushida kept going to ground then Rush joins him for a sit down knuckle lock before he makes Kushida by avoiding strikes ahead of a springboard rana. On the apron Kushida ties up Rush’s arm but Rush turns it around as he proceeded to attempt a sunset bomb off the apron only for Kushida to sit down and lock in a cross armbar.

Back inside the ring Kushida stays on the arm then scores with a hiptoss and a cartwheel dropkick before Rush avoided a kick to the arm and raced back in to land a low pe but Kushida goes back to the arm with a Hoverboard Lock attempt on the floor then a double clothesline leaves both men laying as we began a double count out tease.

Rush is pull out & that allows Kushida to beat him to the punch by kicking the arm before nailing an overhead kick. Kushida is take on an Irabu Punch is blocked as Rush goes for Rush Hour but it gets countered into a cross armbar. Kicks leave both men laying but Rush is able to capitalize with a Final Hour first scoring it as a crossbody before a frog splash version of it gets the win.

Winner: Lio Rush (10) (8:38)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Yoh (8) vs. Bushi (2)

Match starts off with Yoh takes Bushi outside before he fakes out a dive then Yoh gets sent down to to the mat by a low dropkick to the knee before a chinlock stretched him out. Grounded headscissors end in the ropes as Yoh looks to fight back by scoring with a leaping forearm before a cannonball off the apron met Bushi on the outside.

Back inside, a corkscrew Vader Bomb senton gets a two count while another dropkick sets up for the Falcon Arrow that picks up a near fall then Bushi charges back in with a dropkick by the ropes following up with a backbreaker and an enziguiri as a swinging neckbreaker gets a near fall.

Bushi goes for MX but YOH sidesteps but Bushi goes for Bushi Roll but it is block before he gets hit with a superkick then Yoh hits MX before the Direct Drive put away Bushi.

Winner: Yoh (10) (8:02)
Rate: 6

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Taiji Ishimori (8) vs. Mike Bailey (10)

Taiji Ishimori trips Mike Bailey as he went for a Bone Lock early but Bailey is able to return with some Scissor Kicks resuming those as Ishimori spilled outside before he throws Bailey into the ring post then into the crowd as Ishimori proceeded to remove a corner pad then he throws Bailey shoulder first into it upon returning to the ring as Ishimori looks to set up for the Bone Lock once more.

An overhead armbar weakens Bailey more but he tries to go for a handspring only for Ishimori to kick away the arms then some kicks gets Bailey back in control leading to a running shooting star press that jarred Bailey’s arm on the landing. Ishimori exacerbates that with a throw to the exposed corner then with a shoulder breaker before Bailey gets a near fall with some bodyscissors.

Bailey tries an Ultima Weapon, but Ishimori rolls away then some more Scissor Kicks follow by an enziguiri. Bailey blocks a throw into the ring post as he knocks Ishimori back outside for a springboard corkscrew moonsault then hits a missile dropkick to Ishimori then back inside the ring he takes him into the corner for a Flamingo Driver but Ishimori tries to cradle out, only to take the moonsault knees then he sets up for Ultima Weapon but again Ishimori counters it and locks in Bone Lock on the landing.

Bailey cradles out then hits some thrust kicks only to hit a running kick to the exposed corner. Ishimori tries to capitalize with a reverse Bloody Sunday having pick Bailey out of the corner before a La Mistica and a Bone Lock gets Ishimori the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Taiji Ishimori (10) (10:27)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
El Desperado (8) vs. Dan Moloney (4)

Moloney must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Match starts off with a shoulder tackles before Dan Moloney misses a dropkick and had to crawl to the ropes to avoid a Numero Dos attempt. Moloney slams and suplexes El Desperado by sending him to the outside as they exchanged chops around ringside before Moloney ran Desperado into the ring post.

We’re back to the chops as Desperado hits a suplex then a clothesline traps Moloney in the corner, before he’s comes back with a back suplex then Desperado proceeded to lock in Numero Dos but Moloney gets to the ropes.

Desperado kicks the knee out as he went for Guitarra De Angel but Moloney slips out to hit a dropkick instead. A deadlift Fisherman suplex is next for a near fall before Desperado connects with El Es Claro but it gets two count before we are back to the strikes but Moloney’s knee is causing him big trouble as he’s sent into a spinebuster then Guitarra De Angel from Desperado gets a another near fall.

Moloney counters Pinche Loco and hits a double stomp/back senton combo to fire back while a spear almost got the win then Moloney goes for a Drilla Killa but Desperado rolls free as he switches into the Numero Dos gets the submission win.

Winner By Submission: El Desperado (10) (9:35) (Since Moloney lost he is eliminated)
Rate: 7

Non Title Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi (8) vs. TJP (8)

Match starts off with Hiromu Takahashi & TJP began to work on each other’s wrists then TJP spins out though by taking Takahashi down to the mat with headscissors before they ended up upside down and slapping each other ahead of a stand off.

They engaged in a game of chicken as they sat then laid down before Takahashi gets caught with a manjigatame in the ropes. Back inside the ring TJP works on Takahashi’s arm before Takahashi managed to hit TJP’s taped up shoulder with a dropkick before TJP suckers Takahashi with a cradle for a near fall.

A hattrick of half hatch suplexes get TJP a near fall before a Takahashi Tijeras took TJP into the corner for a clothesline and a low dropkick. TJP rolls outside but into the path of a shotgun dropkick off the apron while Takahashi connects with a Falcon Arrow back inside the ring. TJP having hit a rear spin kick to Takahashi while a springboard forearm took Takahashi into the corner for some face washing boots.

TJP misses a Mamba splash but got back in it with a Busaiku Knee after they traded shotgun dropkicks only for Takahashi to return by pulling TJP into the D but TJP gets to the ropes then TJP gets a inside cradle only for Takahashi kicks out and hits a clothesline.

Takahashi teases a suplex from the ring to the floor but TJP pushes free and instead hit a Mamba Splash as Takahashi was hung across the top rope. TJP hits Fireball for a near fall before he goes for a another Mamba Splash but he gets caught in D. TJP escapes and locks in Pinoy Stretch instead but Takahashi makes it to the ropes.

TJP gets hit with Dynamite Plunger before TJP goes for a triangle armbar but Hiromu powerbombs TJP to get free from the move then he nails Hiromu Chan Bomber then follows it up with Time Bomber.

Winner: Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi (10) (20:46)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

Matches Of The Night

Taiji Ishimori vs. Mike Bailey

Hiromu Takahashi vs. TJP

Lio Rush vs. Kushida

El Desperado vs. Dan Moloney

Robbie Eagles vs. Kevin Knight

Best Of The Super Juniors Standings After Night 7

Block A

1st Place- Lio Rush, Taiji Ishimori & Mike Bailey (10 Points) (5-2)

2nd Place- Titan & TJP (8 Points) (4-3)

3rd Place- Douki & Sho (6 Points) (3-4)

4th Place- Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kushida (2 Points) (1-6)

Last Place- Ryusuke Taguchi (0 Points) (0-7)

Block B

1st Place- El Desperado, Yoh, Master Wato & Robbie Eagles (10 Points) (5-2)

2nd Place- Francesco Akira (8 Points) (4-3)

3rd Place- Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kevin Knight & Clark Connors (6 Points) (3-4)

4th Place- Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Dan Moloney (4 Points) (2-5)

Last Place- Bushi (2 Points) (1-6)