NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Night 8 Results – May 21, 2023

NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Night 8 Results – May 21, 2023

Location: Tokyo Japan
Venue: Korakuen Hall

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Douki (6) vs. Titan (8)

Titan must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Douki shot out of the blocks at the bell but Titan connects with a springboard rana and a tope suicida knocking Douki into the crowd. Back inside Douki blocks a swinging DDT, pulling Titan into the Douki Chokey but it’s by the ropes so Titan gets the rope break.

A swinging northern lights suplex gets Douki a near fall but Titan caught a follow up Daybreak and took Douki back outside for a tope con giro.

Douki Chokey is countered with a roll up before they started trading Skyade Specials and Douki goes back to Douki Chokey as Titan almost went out only to eventually make it to the ropes. Daybreak follows for a near fall before see saw roll ups allowed Titan back in with El Immortal for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Titan (10) (6:21)
Rate: 7

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4) vs. Clark Connors (6)

Connors must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Clark Connors trade pinning attempts before a shoulder tackle from Connors takes Kanemaru down then they head outside, Connors berates the crowd then posted Kanemaru before Kanemaru’s low dropkick back inside took Connors to the mat. Kanemaru works over the leg from there by hitting a another dropkick to the knee then locks in a Figure 4.

Connors rolls to the ropes then took Kanemaru to the outside with a bump but Kanemaru keeps the hold locked on as Kanemaru tries to get a count out win but Connors beats the count and makes it in at 19 then a scooping reverse DDT lands back inside the ring as Kanemaru went up for a moonsault but misses but couldn’t avoid Connors’ German suplex.

Kanemaru tries to go back to a Figure 4 but Connors cradles out then almost had his trunks ripped off him as Kanemaru looks to counter the counter before Trophy Kill connects follow by No Chaser puts away Kanemaru

Winner: Clark Connors (8) (6:19)
Rate: 5

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kushida (2) vs. Sho (6)

Kushida gets booed as he slid outside then began to engage with Sho as they grappled in the ring then both men looked to get the mount, before we reached a stalemate. They try for cross armbars but Sho lifts his way free, and landed on top of Kushida & he responded by picking the leg and going for a leg lock but it quickly ends in the ropes as Sho rolls to the floor where Evil handed him some metal sheets to shove inside his shin pads.

Kushida kicks Sho back inside the ring but a kick with the loaded shinpad does immense damage then Kevin Knight runs out from the back to protest but Sho gets rid of the inserts before he took down Kushida in a double wristlock. Evil throws Knight into the ring as Kushida had a Hoverboard Lock in then slid in himself to attack Kushida by throwing him into the ref.

Knight is beaten down by Evil as Kushida is getting double team then Evil brings out Bobo, only for Knight to put the brakes on things by landing a double dropkick then Sho regains the wrench as Knight restrained Evil with a Hoverboard Lock before he locks Sho in the Hoverboard Lock to get the win.

Winner By Submission: Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kushida (4) (6:54)
Rate: 4

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Master Wato (10) vs. Bushi (2)

Match starts off with Master Wato & Bushi trading chops before a dropkick from Wato takes Bushi to the outside but Bushi switches around to hit a tope suicida as he began to kick Wato around the ring. Wato hits a bulldog follow by a leaping leg lariat which took Bushi to the outside for a tope con giro.

Wato connects with a springboard uppercut before Bushi hits a DDT but Wato locks Bushi in The Vendeval but Bushi gets to the ropes then he hits a dropkick and a swinging fisherman neckbreaker to score a near fall then a running Codebreaker flattens Wato before Wato dropkicks away a MX attempt then a spinning roundhouse from Wato connects before he drills Bushi to the mat with Tsutenkaku German Suplex for the win.

Winner: Master Wato (12) (8:01)
Rate: 5

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Ryusuke Taguchi (0) vs. Mike Bailey (10)

Ryusuke Taguchi tries to surprise Mike Bailey with a cradle to get this match started before he ran into a huge kick from Bailey then Scissors Kicks and an enziguiri take Taguchi into the corner before Bailey misses the Vader Bomb Knee and had to drag himself outside to break the Oh My & Garankle.

Bailey doesn’t get much solace on the floor as Taguchi drives the knee into the floor then locked in Oh My & Garankle once more. Back inside the ring Taguchi stays on the knee by tying up Bailey with a cross legged Cobra Twist but Bailey again makes it to the ropes for a break before he found connects with a dropkick off the middle rope.

That’s followed with a running shooting star press for a near fall then a Buzzsaw Kick connects before another spinning kick was cut off with a hip attack from Taguchi then more kicks lead to another Oh My & & Garankle from Taguchi but Bailey again rolls free to take him outside for the springboard moonsault to the floor.

Taguchi wanders away from the ring and into the path of kicks from Bailey and again they’re caught as Oh My & Garankle ends up getting roll through. Taguchi feigns hitting the ring post then slid away as Bailey kicks the post as he aimed for Taguchi then we go back inside as Taguchi hits a stomp off the middle rope to the ankle of Bailey & Taguchi goes back to Oh My & Garankle but the ropes once again save Bailey.

Dodon looks to follow, but Bailey rolls away, then hit a rana then a PK before moonsault knees sees him bounce off Taguchi’s shins then Bummer Ye is next but Bailey cradles Taguchi for a near fall before a crane kick and a superkick took Taguchi into the corner.

The spinning roundhouse floors Taguchi and he goes for Ultima Weapon but Taguchi avoids it then he locks in Oh My & Garankle then some see saw pins before Bailey got 1 to stick for the win.

Winner: Mike Bailey (12) (10:20)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Robbie Eagles (10) vs. Dan Moloney (4)

Dan Moloney attacks Robbie Eagles before the bell, as we have a scrap on the outside then Moloney stomp on Kosei Fujita. Eagles turns it back around though only to run into a chop before Moloney pulls Eagles onto the apron. More chops and kicks there lead to a teased Turbo Backpack before Moloney dumped Eagles onto the side of the ring with a side suplex.

Eagles rolls back in at 14 but straight into the path of a dropkick from Moloney then Moloney took inspiration from that as he continued to batter Eagles but Eagles chop blocks the leg and dove in with an elbow to the back of Moloney.

Moloney counters a running kick but couldn’t complete a Last Ride as he got kicked into the corner ahead of some running double knees before a 2nd set misses with Moloney hitting Eagles with more chops only to get caught with a uranage sit out powerbomb then Ron Miller Special follow but the ropes save Moloney as Eagles look to hit a 450 splash.

It misses, as Eagles tried to stay on Moloney’s leg only to get drilled with a spear. Moloney tries a fisherman suplex but it’s cradled out of only for him to hit a superkick and a fisherman buster for a near fall anyway Moloney goes for Drilla Killa but Eagles slips out and got chop anyways before a low Tiger Feint Kick and some double knees into the corner almost put away Moloney.

Eagles pushes on with a springboard missile dropkick to Moloney’s left leg but Trigger Knee gets caught as Moloney loses grip as Eagles goes back to the knee before a barrage of head kicks look to lead to an Asai DDT but Moloney countered into a Drilla Killa puts Eagles away.

Winner: Dan Moloney (6) (11:26)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Lio Rush (10) vs. TJP (8)

TJP must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Lio Rush countered TJP’s flurry before misdirection led to a low dropkick that took Rush into the ropes.

TJP pulls ahead with a armbar which that sends Rush to the outside with TJP charging him into the side of the ring as he went then some knees from TJP lead to an Octopus stretch, only for Rush to get free and take TJP out with a handspring kick while a tope suicida clip TJP.

Back inside the ring a a running back suplex gets Rush a two count only for TJP to strike back with some face washing kicks but Rush returns the favour before dueling head kicks left both men laying.

TJP comes back with a tornado DDT but he gets cut off as he went for a Mamba Splash then Rush tries for a Spanish Fly but gets shoved down as the Mamba Splash lands on the knees of Rush.

A Rush Hour gets cut off with a low dropkick as TJP heads back up for a Mamba Splash style crossbody then misses Fireball but scores a diving knee for a near fall then the back & forth continued with Rush missing another Rush Hour allowing TJP to capitalize with a Pinoy Stretch but Rush gets to the ropes.

Rush remained on the defensive as TJP works the arm before he snuck in with a Final Cut then a spear before Final Hour saw Rush land on the soles of the boots then TJP tries to outmaneuver Rush but Rush hits Rush Hour follow by Final Hour puts TJP away.

Winner: Lio Rush (12) (12:49) (Since TJP lost he is eliminated)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kevin Knight (6) vs. Yoh (10)

Knight must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

Kevin Knight connects with a scoop slam and a standing splash for a two count. Yoh pulls Knight down off the top rope then scores with a dropkick to the knee before a trip up top was stopped by Knight’s leaping rana.

Knight misses a plancha to Yoh on the outside before Knight leapt up onto the stage and scored a cannonball back to Yoh on the floor. Back inside Knight stays ahead until Yoh nails a Falcon Arrow for a near fall before he connects with a dropkick as Yoh had been trying to hit Direct Drive.

Yoh throws away a leaping DDT as a Sky High almost got the win then he gets a little ahead of himself before he runs into a superkick then Yoh nails Direct Drive to get the victory.

Winner: Yoh (12) (8:57) (Since Knight lost he is eliminated)
Rate: 6

Non Title Block A Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi (10) vs. Taiji Ishimori (10)

Hiromu Takahashi tries to catch Taiji Ishimori with a sunset bomb but Ishimori backflips away only to get sent into the crowd with a shotgun dropkick off the apron. Takahashi takes things into the crowd heading up the stairways only to get suplex on the floor.

Ishimori sprints across the building and goes for a run up sending Takahashi almost crashing into the walls with a shotgun dropkick then a count out tease sees Takahashi crawl back on his hands and feet as he eventually made it back in at 19 only to get thrown shoulder first into an exposed corner.

An overhead armbar sees Ishimori continue the focus on the arm before Takahashi broke free and bought some time with a Tijeras. Ishimori gets run into that exposed corner next as Takahashi adds a Falcon Arrow for a near fall only to get thrown back into the corner head of a baseball slide German suplex.

Takahashi & Ishimori trade clotheslines from there, before Takahashi blocks Mistica and muscled Ishimori up only to get caught with a reverse rana. Takahashi hits back with a pop up powerbomb before a Hiromu Chan Bomber was the last in a series of awkward landings forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi (12) (10:31)
Rate: 7

Block B Match Of The 2023 Best Of The Super Juniors
El Desperado (10) vs. Francesco Akira (8)

Akira must win or he’s mathematically eliminated.

El Desperado takes Francesco Akira into the ropes for a clean break then Akira returns the favour then came in with a dropkick to Desperado as the match spilled outside with Akira following up with a trip to the ring post.

Grabbing a chair from Great O Khan on commentary Akira puts Desperado in it ahead of a shotgun dropkick before the pair traded blows back inside then a right hand from Desperado sends Akira sailing outside for a tope con giro into the bleachers.

Desperado clears a part of the crowd as he proceeded to bowl Akira back towards another section of bleachers before Desperado headed under the ring to pull out a couple of chairs using them to smash Akira’s ankle against the floor. Back inside Akira’s knee’s worked over in the ropes before Desperado drops a leg over it then he hits a leg spreader.

Akira tries to set up for a tarantula in the ropes but Desperado just grabs a nonchalant toe hold before a wheelbarrow stomp connects from Akira then Akira charges into Desperado in the corner before a Tijeras took Desperado back outside but a missed baseball slide allowed Desperado to charge Akira back into the crowd.

They fight around ringside, heading back up towards a raised seating deck, which Akira’s popped up onto before he moonsaulted off it onto Desperado. Akira heads to the ring just to dive out of it to tope Desperado before a German suplex back inside then a diving knee almost got the win.

Desperado hits a snap spinebuster gets a 2 count then locks in Numeros Dos after the kick out forcing Akira to claw his way towards the ropes for a break. TJP is out at ringside to try and lend more support Akira as he shrugs off a knee breaker to return with an enziguiri.

A Guitarra De Angel almost gets the win for Desperado, before Akira countered Pinche Loco into a Speedfire but then goes for the cover but Desperado kicks out then Akira moves into the Pinoy Stretch but Desperado’s able to drag his way to the ropes for a break.

Akira looked to set up for a Tiger Suplex but instead he nails a pop up German suplex, bridging on one foot to score yet another near fall.

Akira pushes on with a Fireball but Desperado ducks it and pulls him up off the mat with a hanging Numero Dos as he is rag dolling Akira around the ring Akira tries to hold on, only for Desperado to pull him up off the mat. Desperado lets go, only to drive Akira’s knee back into the mat, then went back to Numero Dos and relinquished it once Akira gets to the ropes.

TJP throws in the towel for Akira but it’s thrown back outside by Akira as he ended up getting laid into the ropes with a forearm then he hits until a superkick and a roll up nearly gets the win before Desperado locks in a another Numero Dos for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: El Desperado (12) (Since Akira lost he’s eliminated) 
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

Matches Of The Night

El Desperado vs. Francesco Akira

Mike Bailey vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

Lio Rush vs. TJP

Dan Moloney vs. Robbie Eagles

Douki vs. Titan

Hiromu Takahashi vs. Taiji Ishimori

Best Of The Super Juniors Standings After Night 8

Block A

1st Place- Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi, Lio Rush & Mike Bailey (12 Points) (6-2)

2nd Place- Taiji Ishimori & Titan (10 Points) (5-3)

3rd Place- TJP (8 Points) (4-4)

4th Place- Douki & Sho (6 Points) (3-5)

5th Place- Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kushida (2 Points) (1-7)

Last Place- Ryusuke Taguchi (0 Points) (0-8)

Block B

1st Place- El Desperado, Yoh & Master Wato (12 Points) (6-2)

2nd Place- Robbie Eagles (10 Points) (5-3)

3rd Place- Francesco Akira & Clark Connors (8 Points) (4-4)

4th Place- Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kevin Knight & Dan Moloney (6 Points) (3-5)

5th Place- Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4 Points) (2-6)

Last Place- Bushi (2 Points) (1-7)