NJPW G1 Climax 2022 Night 19 Results – August 17, 2022

8 Man Tag Team Match Chaos vs. Suzuki Gun Douki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru cause mischief while Lance Archer is furious about last night’s loss. Archer takes out his frustrations on Chaos but his emotions get the better of him long enough to get distracted while Yoh hits Taka Michinoku with Direct Drive for the win. Winners: Chaos (6:24) Rate: 5

Tag Team Match Team Filthy vs. Dangerous Tekkers Zack Sabre Jr & Tom Lawlor go back & forth with submissions & strikes with Sabre coming up slightly short against Lawlor. Royce Isaacs tags in and gets manhandled by Sabre as he locks in the armbar & Isaacs had no choice but to tap out. Winners By Submission: Dangerous Tekkers (8:54) Rate: 6 (Plz give me Sabre Jr vs. Lawlor)

Tag Team Match Great Bash Heel vs. TMDK Togi Makabe & Bad Dude Tito hits each other with hard strikes. Jonah tags in and gets some shots in on Makabe.Tomoaki Honma tags in and double teams Jonah with Makabe. Honma gets a series of nearfalls on Jonah but ends up crushed by a lariat for the win. Winners: TMDK (8:31) Rate: 4

6 Man Tag Team Match Bullet Club (Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale & Juice Robinson) vs. United Empire Jeff Cobb & Great O Khan weather the assault from Bad Luck Fale & Juice Robinson. Chase Owens eventually gets tag in and drops Aaron Henare with a C Trigger then a Package Piledriver for the win. Winners: Bullet Club (6:47) Rate: 5

8 Man Tag Team Match Bullet Club (El Phantasmo, Yujiro Takahashi, Kenta & Evil) vs. Los Ingobnrables De Japon Shenanigans aplenty as Bullet Club are quick to overpower Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi but not for long. LIJ use their speed to their advantage but end up stalled by biting, scratching and other nefarious tactics. Bushi gets trapped in the ring and tortured. Kenta finally puts him out of his misery with a memoir assisted Game Over for the submission win. Winners By Submission: Bullet Club (9:50) Rate: 4

8 Man Tag Team Match Bullet Club (IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White, Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori, NEVER Openweight Champion Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kushida, David Finlay & Toru Yano David Finlay unleashes on Karl Anderson but is soon overtaken by Bullet Club. Kushida & Taiji Ishimori continue their high speed rivalry. Hiroshi Tanahashi brings the fight to Jay White but is the numbers are quickly too much for him. Toru Yano tags in. Doc Gallows tags in. Yano tries to avoid Gallows. Chaos ensues. Yano hits a low blow and rollup for the win. Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi,Kushida, David Finlay & Toru Yano (9:08) Rate: 5

Semi Final Match Of The 2022 G1 Climax Block A Winner Kazuchika Okada vs. Block B Winner Tama Tonga Match starts off with a fist bump, Kazuchika Okada takes Tama Tonga to the ropes for a clean break. Tama tries to charge back, but found a way through with dropkicks before he ran into a flapjack. Okada takes things into the corner, then lands a neckbreaker for a two count, before a chinlock grounded Tama in the middle of the ring. Things head outside with Okada landing a DDT on the floor as he looked to take a count out win with Tama slipping on his way back in, only to beat the 20 count. Tama tries some gut shots and forearms, but they barely fazed Okada, unlike a clothesline out of the corner, that had Okada down. Tama keeps going with elbows and slams, before a Stinger splash and a back suplex drew a two-count. Okada’s able to get back in it, but Tama fights out of the neckbreaker slam, before he took Okada back down with a Tongan Twist. They’re back outside again, but Tama’s sent chest first into the railings before a landslide tombstone from Okada’s countered into another Tongan Twist. Back inside, Okada failed to block a Veleno DDT as Tama picked up a two count, before the SRC and a Supreme Flow added another two count. From there, Okada blocks a Gun Stun and turned it into a neckbreaker following quickly with a Money Clip, which gets broken via the ropes. Okada hits a slam and a top rope elbow drop, which of course led to the Rainmaker zoom out, before Tama snuck back in with a dropkick. Okada pushes away a Bloody Sunday DDT and returned with a dropkick, but Tama gets the DDT off anyway after he’d ducked a Rainmaker. It’s good for a near fall, as Okada’s back with a short arm clothesline keeping hold of the wrist as he pulled Tama up for a Rainmaker. A second Rainmaker’s ducked, but Tama runs straight into a dropkick and tried to shrug it off, only to eat a Landslide tombstone. Another Rainmaker’s countered into a Gun Stun, but Tama can’t get to Okada in time, and only gets a near fall from that. From there, Tama goes back to the DSD, but Okada deadweights himself before he sat down on Tama’s sunset flip for another near fall. Tama hangs onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick, then saw another Gun Stun get blocked as Okada grabbed a wrist then blocked another Gun Stun before he went to the Money Clip. An inside cradle nearly gets Tama the upset, as a Pele kick lands before one more blocked Gun Stun led to a Cobra Flowsion and a Rainmaker gets Okada the victory. Winner: Block A Winner Kazuchika Okada (19:08) Rate: 7

Non Title Semi Final Match Of The 2022 G1 Climax Block C Winner Tetsuya Naito vs. Block D Winner United States Champion Will Ospreay Will Ospreay & Tetsuya Naito tie up as Naito’s backed into the ropes. Naito switches around and goes for Ospreay’s neck, before some headscissors were cartwheeled out of leading to some exchanges that ended with Ospreay staring at Naito’s tranquilo. Ospreay catches a kick from Naito, then came in with an atomic drop and a chop, leading to a standing shooting star press for an early two count. We head into the corner as Ospreay lands some chops, before a switcheroo led to Naito hitting a hanging neckbreaker out of the corner, then a hiptoss and a low dropkick, while another neckbreaker ensured that tape was providing a target for Naito’s offence. Naito’s grounded chinlock keeps it going, while headscissors wrenched on the neck some more. An elbow takes Ospreay into the corner, while a whip into the opposite corner set up for Combinacion Cabron, while a cravat continued to wear down the neck. Eventually, Ospreay got whipped into the ropes, but returned with a handspring enziguri, then a hotshot into the ropes, then a big boot as Naito was suddenly on the defensive. A springboard forearm knocks Naito right back down for a near fall, before Kawada ish kicks and a chop sank Naito who fought out of a powerbomb as he went right back to the neck, scoring a neckbreaker and a double leg nelson as Naito looked for the submission. The ropes save Ospreay, who then had to fight out of Gloria, before he scored with a step up enziguri and a one man standing Spanish Fly. With both men on their knees, they trade elbows, continuing to do so as they got back to their feet with an Ospreay slap staggering Naito. The favour’s returned, as an Hidden Blade was ducked, before he countered a tornado DDT into a brainbuster. Naito ‘rana’s out of another suplex as he added the tornado DDT before some short range elbows targeted Ospreay’s neck. A wild elbow dropped Ospreay to the mat, with Naito leaving him in a heap ahead of a Gloria. Ospreay tries to charge back at Naito, who just popped him up into the turnbuckles, before Ospreay was lifted up top for an avalanche reverse ‘rana as Ospreay’s head bounced off the mat for a near fall. Ospreay countered Naito’s next ‘rana into a cross legged tombstone for a near fall, before a Hidden Blade blasted through Naito. That’s followed with a Storm Breaker but Naito switched into Destino. Naito tries to come back with a Valentia, but a hook kick targets Naito’s eye only to get shrugged off as a spinebuster followed. Ospreay’s able to avoid any more as he nailed a Chelsea Grin, before the Hidden Blade was ducked and countered with a regular Destino for a near fall. A 2nd Destino’s thrown aside as Ospreay charged in with a Hidden Blade for a near fall, before the Storm Breaker puts Naito away. Winner: Block D Winner United States Champion Will Ospreay  Rate: 9 (Recommended) (He will face Block A Winner Kazuchika Okada in the Finals)

Finals (August 18th) Block A Winner Kazuchika Okada vs. Block D Winner United States Champion Will Ospreay