NJPW G1 Climax 32 Night 8 Results – July 30, 2022

NJPW G1 Climax 2022 Night 8 Results – July 30, 2022

Tag Team Match
House Of Torture (Sho & Yujiro Takahashi) vs Kosei Fujita & Ryohei Oiwa

Yujiro Takahashi would kick things off with Ryohei Oiwa, trading forearm blows in the middle of the ring. A series of heavy chops in the corner before Oiwa would run him down with a shoulder tackle. Fujita would help take Sho out of the mix before the Young Lions would unite to hit a double dropkick.

Takahashi would regain some control in the ring with a sliding dropkick, before tagging in Sho. Oiwa would nail a big dropkick, and would make the tag to a fresh Fujita. Another dropkick would level Sho before looking for a belly 2 belly. He’d connect with the throw, before locking in the Boston Crab.

Takahashi would make the save before Oiwa & Fujita would work together to cut both opponents down leading to a near fall. Boston Crab would be applied. Sho would be able to break free, before being battered with some heavy strikes only to shoot back with a spear for the two count. On the floor, Oiwa would be thrown into the barricade, while Sho locks Fujita in the Cross Armbreaker for the submission win.

Winners By Submission: House Of Torture (6:08)
Rate:5 (Alright opening tag match)

Tag Team Match
Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & Kenta) vs Guerrillas Of Density

Bullet Club would attack before the bell with Kenta going after Jado & El Phantasmo after Tama Tonga. Guerrillas Of Density would fight back with shoulder tackles, before this one would spill to the outside. The referee would urge them to get back into the ring, and Kenta would ensure that Tama would remain in the Bullet Club corner. ELP would scratch away at the back and chest of Tama, while Kenta would throw hard strikes getting a one count off a big boot.

Jado would get the tag and threw lariats at ELP before applying his signature crossface but Kenta would break the hold up. Guerrillas Of Density would double team ELP, before Jado looked for the punt kick. ELP would dodge and set up Sudden Death only for Tama to rush in to stop this. Kenta would throw Tama to the floor, Jado threw Kenta out and ELP nails Jado with Sudden Death for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (6:33)
Rate: 5 (Meh it was alright tag match it gives Kenta & ELP advantages into their block matches later on in the tournament)

6 Man Tag Team Match
United Empire vs Suzuki Gun

United Empire would attack Lance Archer to begin this match, before Jeff Cobb would take Archer to the floor. Will Ospreay would take Taichi into the ring, and get caught in the Greco Roman Throat Hold. Aaron Henare would get taken into the corner with the double handled Throat hold, before United Empire got a three way choke applied. They’d get a two count, before Cobb rode him like a surfboard

Taichi would nail a hook kick on Henare, before an enziguri to Ospreay. Archer got the tag, but was focused on Cobb on the apron. Archer would be able to corner Ospreay & Henare before some running splashes, with the crowd fully behind him. A chokeslam was set, before Ospreay would almost get caught in a Blackout.

Cobb would tag in and trade shoulder tackles, before Henare & Taka Michinoku hit the ring. Henare would block a Michinoku Driver attempt, before breaking free of JUST Face Lock. Aaron Henare escapes JUST Face Lock & locks in Ultima & Taka had no choice but to submit.

Winners By Submission:United Empire (6:28)
Rate:6 (Alright 6 man tag match it gives Cobb some advantage going into his match with Archer tmr)

Tag Team Match
House Of Torture (Evil & Dick Togo) vs Los Ingobnrables De Japon

Match starts off with House Of Torture would attack LIJ, they send Bushi from the ring before focusing on Tetsuya Naito. Bushu would quickly recover, before Evil would take a double axe handle and a neckbreaker. This one spilled to the floor, and Bushi would be driven into the barricade before being fed to a pinfall from Evil.

Bushi would take the signature fist drop from Togo, getting a two count. Evil would take a DDT from Bushi & Naito got the tag. He’d drop Evil for a dropkick to the back of the head, before Combinacion De Cabron in the corner. Gloria would be blocked, before the driving back elbow strikes would soften up the neck of Evil.

Evil would use the referee to set up a kick to the midsection, before Naito would tag to Bushi. Dick Togo would try to match his speed, but was sent stumbling after a basement dropkick. Evil tripped Bushi before the suicide dive would land, before working together with Togo to set up the Fisherman Buster for a two count.

Enziguri from Naito would take Evil out, before Togo begged off only to be kicked in the eye by Naito. Bushi would head to the middle rope and connects with MX to put Togo away.

Winners: Los Ingobnrables De Japon (8:05) 
Rate:4 (Meh it was an ok tag match it was a preview for Natio vs Evil tmr)

10 Man Tag Team Match
Bullet Club (IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White,Juice Robinson,Bad Luck Fale,Chase Owens & Gedo) vs Chaos

Bad Luck Fale & Kazuchika Okada would start this match with Okada trying a bodyslam to no success. Okada would try a second time, but was no more successful on that attempt. White hit the ring alongside Ishii, before Yano & Owens would also get involved, Chaos would stand 5 against 1 on Fale, who was beaten like a War Drum.

Bullet Club would regain control, with everyone getting some shots in on Tomohiro Ishii before Juice Robinson called for a brainbuster on Ishii. This would fail before Ishii nailed the vertical suplex. Yoshi Hashi & Juice would trade blows, with Juice taking a neckbreaker. Owens would try to run Yoshi Hashi down, before Hirooki Goto & Yoshi Hashi showed their tag team skills.

Fisherman Buster would be blocked, before Yoshi Hashi & Juice traded chops before Juice hit a snap DDT. Gedo would hit the ring, and was dropped with a rewind kick, before Yano got the tag, and would get stomped by Bullet Club. Yano would catapult White into Owens, before rolling up Gedo to score the win for Chaos.

Winners: Chaos (8:36) 
Rate: 6 (Good back & forth 10 man tag, this gives Okada some advantage for his match against Fale tmr same with Yoshi Hashi with his match against Juice Robinson)

Non Title Block D Match Of The 2022 G1 Climax
KOPW 2022 Champion Shingo Takagi (2) vs David Finlay (2)

Shingo Takagi & David Finlay lock up to start this match with Shingo quickly grabbing a headlock. Finlay would shove him off, but was driven down with a shoulder tackle.

Shingo would be caught by an armdrag, before being taken to the floor. Finlay would not complete the dive, and was instead get yanked to the floor and spiked with a short DDT on the floor. Shingo would ask him why he took the United States Title, before hitting another DDT in the ring.

A powerbomb would be attempted, but Finlay would power free before Shingo was right back on him. Shingo would be sent to the floor, and the dive would be completed this time. Back in the ring, Finlay kept the pressure on with a springboard crossbody. A neckbreaker and Blue Thunder Bomb would land with Shingo firing back with the Yukon Lariat.

Shingo would go to the middle rope for the Dragon Elbow, before applying a tight STF in the middle of the ring. He’d move into a crossface as Finlay moved forward, but would have to break the hold after a rope break. Finlay would hit the Irish Curse backbreaker, before a Superplex for the two count.

Acid Drop would be blocked, before Shingo would slide in with an elbow strike to the spine. Sliding lariat was blocked into a pinfall, before Made In Japan was blocked in a similar manner. Finlay would be able to hit the Acid Drop and would turn this into a near fall.

Trash Panda was blocked, with Shingo nailing a twisting neckbreaker to fling Finlay aside. Noshigami & Pumping Bomber would get a near fall, before Made In Japan would land. Finlay would still somehow kick out. Sliding lariat would land, and it was a potential KO but Shingo would leave nothing to chance. Stunner would be followed by a flash roll up to get the shocking victory

Winner: David Finlay (4) (14:50)
Rate: 7 (Wow what a shocking win for Finlay did not see that coming tbh I had Shingo winning this, with this win this could set Finlay up for a future KOPW 2022 Title match in the future)

Block A Match Of The 2022 G1 Climax
Tom Lawlor (0) vs Jonah (0)

Tom Lawlor would take his top jorts off, and threw them at the face of Jonah before a dropkick which barely staggered him. Lawlor would stick and move, avoiding being cornered by Jonah before almost being knocked out with a haymaker.

Jonah would be tripped and sent to the floor, before a running PK to the spine. Another running strike would find a pounce, which almost sent Lawlor from the floor and into the ring. Jonah would set up the press slam, and dropped him rib first on the steel of the barricade.

Lawlor would get trapped in a waist lock in the middle of the ring, Jonah working over the ribs that are certainly hurt. Jonah would let Lawlor free, only to hurl him into the corner. Body slam would be followed by an attempt at a senton, with Lawlor barely dodging the impact.

Jonah would head to the apron, and would be caught with a cravat through the ropes before some repeated knee strikes to the face. Some rushing forearm smashes were met by a rooted lariat from Jonah off the apron. The body block would be blocked into a Half Crab, with Lawlor moving into a heel hook.

Jonah would only get free by grabbing the ropes with Lawlor knowing that he could potentially force the submission if needed. Lawlor would hit the Zig Zag, but was launched out of the pinfall. Jonah would trade strikes with Lawlor, some leg kicks would leave JONAH open for some elbow smashes and a jumping enziguri.

Jonah would be able to set up a superplex attempt, before Lawlor fought free and used his head to attack the knee before a slam off the middle rope for a near fall. An F5 onto the top rope was followed by a powerbomb then Torpedo gets Jonah the victory.

Winner: Jonah (2) (11:32)
Rate: 6 (Good back & forth between these 2 guys Jonah finally gets on the board after his loss to Yano back on the opening day (July 16th) sucks Lawlor had to lost his first 2 matches hopefully he can get some wins soon)

Block B Match Of The 2022 G1 Climax
Sanada (2) vs Great O Khan (0)

Sanada & Great O Khan would kick this one off with some chain wrestling, Great O Khan would end up on top, but wouldn’t even get a one count off the pinfall attempt. Chain wrestling would continue, with Sanada getting on top before being kicked off.

A lock up would see Sanada get forced to the ropes, before having his legs caught and this one went right back down the mat. Sanada would fight off the Kimura Lock, before a standing lockup led to the ropes again. 5 minutes in, and so far Great O Khan was dominating on the mat and he’d grab a heel hook in the middle of the ring.

Sanada broke free and would float over the ropes before a picture perfect springboard dropkick. Great O Khan was sent to the floor, before a vaulting body press would land. Sanada would work to hype the crowd up, before taking this one back to the ring.

Great O Khan would look to apply the Iron Claw, but was unable to get Sanada up for The Eliminator before taking a kick. Sanada would have his face slammed into the corner pad, but would fire back with a dropkick before being dropped with a massive lariat for a near fall. Great O Khan would hit some Mongolion Chops to Sanada.

O Khan would offer himself to some return strikes from Sanada, absorbing the blows before SANADA would offer the same. The knees would buckle after some vicious Mongolian Chops and Sanada hit an unintended low blow before a European Clutch for a two count. Sanada would follow up with the rolling elbow before the TKO planted Great O Khan, and set up the Muta Moonsault but he’d land on the knees.

Skull End attempt would be blocked into the Sheep Killer, with Sanada getting free using the long braid of Great O Khan. He’d have his eyes raked before the Sheep Killer would be applied again, before using the ropes to move into Skull End. Going to the previously injured eye would get Great O Khan free, before a straight right hand to the jaw. Pop up TKO would set up the moonsault to score the win.

Winner: Sanada (4) (16:35)
Rate: 6 (Fun match between these 2 guys, I like this match better then their Wrestle Kingdom match last year, Sanada is undefeated so far in this years G1, while O Khan falls to his second straight loss)

Main Event Block C Match Of The 2022 G1 Climax
Hiroshi Tanahashi (2) vs Zack Sabre Jr (4)

Zack Sabre Jr & Hiroshi Tanahashi lock up hard in the middle of the ring, with an exchange of standing switches before a stalemate. ZSJ would take Tanahashi to the mat and apply a tight headscissor. Tanahashi would turn in and out to get free, grabbing the legs of ZSJ before ending up in a cravate. The ropes would get Tanahashi free, and ZSJ allowed for the clean break.

ZSJ would quickly grab the wrist of Tanahashi, and Tanahashi would be able to try and break free but ZSJ was relentless. With one hand, ZSJ was able to completely control the movements of Tanahashi until a punch to the ribs. ZSJ would take more body blows.

Tanahashi would hit the back elbow in the corner, before the slingshot crossbody – some air guitar, and a ZSJ esque neck crank. ZSJ would roll to the floor, before getting back into the ring as Tanahashi left, and catching him with a Dragon Screw in the ropes before a neck lock in the ropes.

ZSJ would stomp the elbow of Tanahashi into the apron before bending the wrist and yanking the arm. Tanahashi would be stretched in the corner, before taking some mocking kicks in the corner. A tight european uppercut would follow, and Tanahashi would fire up.

Some elbow smashes to the jaw would meet ZSJ, before he’d take Tanahashi to the floor with the Fujiwara Armbar, before moving to the ankle lock to get back to the double arm lock. He’d move between holds every six seconds, until Tanahashi moved into a pinfall, before another arm lock saw Tanahashi get his foot on the bottom rope.

Tanahashi would be taken into the Cobra Twist, before trying to break out and apply the hold himself but instead got the Dragon Screw leg whip. ZSJ would be slammed to the mat before a somersault senton but a rope break got ZSJ free. ZSJ would look for another armbar, while trapping the neck before rolling into a sitting armbar, but again, Tanahashi found the ropes.

Tanahashi would run into a boot from ZSJ, before being taken right back down to the mat and into the cross armbreaker. The arm went straight, but Tanahashi was able to roll into a position to get the ropes. A kick from ZSJ was caught before the left leg was nailed with the dropkick. Slingblade attempt was blocked, but Twist & Shout would land twice before a front choke was applied.

Zack Driver was blocked, with Tanahashi hitting one of his own. Slingblade would fold ZSJ, but only got a two count. Aces High was blocked into a leg roll clutch, but Tanahashi kicked out a split second before three. Dragon Screw was blocked into an armbar, before a roll up got Tanahashi the win.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi (4) (17:32)
Rate: 8 (Great main event between these 2 guys, their matches are always great & they work great together) (Recommended)

Block A Standings After Night 8
1st Place-Bad Luck Fale (4 Points) (2-1) & Kazuchika Okada (4 Points) (2-0)

2nd Place-Toru Yano (2 Points) (1-2) & Lance Archer,Jeff Cobb & Jonah (2 Points) (1-1)

Last Place-Tom Lawlor (0 Points) (0-2)

Block B Standings After Night 8
1st Place-IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White (4 Points) (2-0) & Sanada (2 Points) (2-1)

2nd Place-Tomohiro Ishii (2 Points) (1-2) & Taichi,Tama Tonga & Chase Owens (2 Points) (1-1)

Last Place-Great O Khan (0 Points) (0-2)

Block C Standings After Night 8
1st Place-NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Hirooki Goto (4 Points) (2-0) & Zack Sabre Jr & Hiroshi Tanahashi (4 Points) (2-1)

2nd Place-Aaron Henare (2 Points) (1-2) & Evil (2 Points) (1-0)

Last Place-Kenta & Tetsuya Naito (0 Points) (0-2)

Block D Standings After Night 8
1st Place-United States Champion Will Ospreay (4 Points) (2-0) & David Finlay (4 Points) (2-1)

2nd Place-KOPW 2022 Champion Shingo Takagi & Yujiro Takahashi (2 Points) (1-2) & Juice Robinson & El Phantasmo (2 Points) (1-1)

Last Place-NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Yoshi Hashi (0 Points) (0-1)