NJPW Music City Mayhem Results – July 30, 2022

NJPW Music City Mayhem Results – July 30, 2022

6 Man Tag Team Match
Yuya Uemura,Fred Yehi & Shota Umino vs Ren Narita,The DKC & Kevin Knight

Ren Narita & Yuya Uemura start the match fast and furious. Narita coaxes Uemura into the corner and Kevin Knight & The DKC help assault Uemura. Knight tags in and tosses Uemura around and nearly gets a pinfall on a Frog Splash. The DKC tags in and keeps Uemura down with tandem offense. The DKC & Knight tag in and out, keeping Uemura at bay with a series of strikes and nearfalls. Uemura is struggling.

Fred Yehi makes the tag and clears out Narita,DKC & Knight. Yehi savages Knight’s arm and hits a series of big knees in the corner. Yehi tries to choke out DKC. Knight comes back with a big dropkick. Umino tags in. Narita tags in.

The two men trade blows. The DKC tags in and unleashes on Shota Umino and gets a nearfall. Umino gets triple teamed. DKC hits a huge single leg dropkick for a nearfall. Wild brawl ensues. Umino counters a Crucifix Driver. Narita and Uemura trade blows and trade headbutts. Uemura hits a double underhook to send Narita out. Umino hits Bloody Sunday on DKC for a nearfall. Umino hits Death Rider on DKC for the win.

Winners: Yuya Uemura,Fred Yehi & Shota Umino (13:12)
Rate: 6 (Fun opening 6 Man Tag Team Match)

MLW National Openweight Title Match
Davey Richards (c) vs Rocky Romero

Davey Richards & Rocky Romero shake hands to start. Chain wrestling to begin as the two former tag partners feel each other out. They trade kicks and Richards catches Rocky’s leg. Richards locks in a Stretch Muffler and Richards gets to the ropes.

They trade blows. Richards takes control and tortures Romero’s leg. Romero regains his footing and attempts Forever Lariats but Richards meets him in the corner with a barrage of strikes. Romero comes back and hits some vicious kicks on Richards, but Richards weathers the assault. Romero hits a Rewind Kick and hits a big knee. Romero hits Shiranui for a nearfall. Richards counters Diablo Armbar with an Ankle Lock. Richards hits a Brainbuster for a nearfall and goes right back to the Ankle Lock. Rocky counters with a rollup, which Richards counters with a pin of his own for the win.

Winner & Still MLW National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards (STILL CHAMPION!!!) (11:29)
Rate: 7 (Great match between these 2 former partners I wouldn’t mind them running it back again)

After the match they hug it out.

Strong Openweight Title Match
Fred Rosser (c) vs Big Damo

Big Damo charges Fred Rosser to start. Both men trade blows. Rosser takes Damo to the apron but Damo blocks a belly 2 back. Damo crushes Rosser and tosses him into the railing. Damo chokes Rosser on the railing.

Damo brings Rosser back into the ring and stretches him. Rosser battles back by choking Damo with a camera cable. Rosser fires up and unleashes a series of strikes on Damo. Rosser chops away on Damo in the corner and pummels him until he’s on the canvas. Rosser hits a huge hip attack for a nearfall.

Rosser tries for an STF, headbutting Damo’s shoulder. Damo bites the fingers and escapes. They trade blows. Rosser brings Damo to his knees. Damo counters the Emerald Flowsion and sends Rosser down. Damo hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam and a Running Senton. Rosser counters the Damo Bomb. Rosser staggers Damo on the top rope and hits the Emerald Flowsion for the win.

Winner & Still Strong Openweight Champion Fred Rosser (STILL CHAMPION!!!) (13:01)
Rate:3 (Was not a big fan of this match) 

Hiromu Takahashi vs Blake Christian

Christian gets the match off to a fast start with a series of headscissors takedowns, sending Hiromu to the outside. Hiromu clips Christians wings and slows down the pace with a rope hung headscissors choke. Both men fight on the outside.

Hiromu brings the match back in the ring and keeps Christian grounded. Christian comes back with a Half Nelson Suplex, sending Hiromu to the outside. Christian hits a Fosbury Flop.

Christian gets Hiromu back in the ring. Christian kicks away at Hiromu. Christian fakes out Hiromu and hits a huge double stomp. They trade counters and Hiromu rolls up Christian for a nearfall.

Both men trade blows. Christian hits an Asai Moonsault Lariat. Christian counters Time Bomb with an airplane spin. Takahashi fights out and they trade strikes. Hiromu hits a huge lariat. Christian gets up and floors Takahashi. Both men unleash a flurry of offense. Christian traps Hiromu in a rollup for a nearfall. Takahashi hits a huge Vertical Suplex Flapjack. Takahashi hits Time Bomb II for the victory.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi (13:59)
Rate: 8 (What a banger between these 2 guys, I would love to see a rematch again & I can see Blake Christian in the Best Of The Super Juniors within the next few years) (Recommended)

After the match Hiromu Takahashi & Blake Christian show each other enormous respect.

6 Man Tag Team Match
IWGP Tag Team Champions FTR & Alex Zayne vs United Empire

Alex Zayne & TJP opened the match with an animated sequence before tagging out to Dax Harwood & Kyle Fletcher. Fletcher had great success against Dax with help from his United Empire brothers. Fletcher passed the momentum to Mark Davis, only to lose it once Cash Wheeler tagged into the match.

A short, explosive brawl on the outside allowed United Empire to take complete control. The heel trio worked to isolate Wheeler. A goliath lariat, a pair of knees, and an over-head through from Wheeler took out all of his opponents, leading into a Dax hot-tag.

Dax dropped Davis with a lariat. Fletcher & TJP tried to hit the ring, but FTR and Zayne hit a triple suplex. Zayne hit a corkscrew after FTR connected with tandem offense, which forced the breakup from the fog, United Empire took control once more.

Zayne landed a double rana, and FTR cleared the ring, leaving Zayne and Fletcher alone in the ring. Zayne hit a giant powerbomb for a near fall. Dax hit the ring for some reason, causing a mix up. This miscommunication allowed United Empire to catch Zayne in the Corealis to score the victory for United Empire.

Winners: United Empire (14:30)
Rate: 7 (Great back & forth match between these 2 teams)

After the match Aussie Open challenges FTR for the IWGP Tag Team Titles.

Kushida vs Alex Shelley

Kushida goes for the Hoverboard Lock early and Alex Shelley escapes to the outside. The two men chain wrestle, feeling each other out. Kushida & Shelley stretch each other, with the submissions growing more complicated as the match goes on.

They begin trading strikes. Kushida powers up and gets in Shelley’s head by hitting Cradle Shock. Shelley withstands the barrage and stretches Kushida some more. Kushida fights out of Border City Stretch.

The two men begin trading rollups and submissions. Shelley hits an STO for a nearfall and transitions to Border City Stretch. Kushida counters with his own Border City Stretch. Shelley counters but then Kushida counters with a Hoverboard Lock but the time expires.

Winner: No One (Time Limit Draw) (20:00)
Rate: 9 (Wow what a match between these 2 former partners little surprising that they did the time limit draw) (Recommended)

Main Event
No DQ Match
Jon Moxley vs El Desperado
This No DQ match starts off with boards covered in barbed wire placed in the corner. Moxley and Desperado teased throws into the boards from the beginning.

After gaining a slight lead, Moxley tried removing Desperado’s mask. This enraged Desperado, leading to a passionate turnaround for Desperado. Once Moxley was rocked, Desperado grabbed a bouquet of roses; from the roses, he pulled a bundle of wooden skewers. Desperado drove the skewers into Moxley’s head, drawing blood. Desperado continued his attack, running Moxley’s face into the barbed wire.

Desperado locked in a cloverleaf; Moxley forced Desperado to break the hold by tearing at his mask once more. Moxley interrupted a Desperado suicide dive with a gnarly guitar shot. Moxley continued his assault by repeatedly driving a piece of the guitar into Desparado’s forehead.

Desperado reset the match with a spear into a barbed wire board. Moxley answered with a dropkick that sent Desperado crashing through a barbed wire board. A piledriver from Moxley yielded a near fall.

Both men rolled to the outside. Moxley set up a table while Desperado grabbed a chair. After flattening Moxley with the chair, Desperado placed Moxley on the table and climbed to the top rope. Moxley sprung to his feet and threw Desperado from the top rope, through the table, and to the floor. Looking to finish, Moxley grabbed a board covered with cut aluminum cans, onto which he through Desperado Desperado kicked out.

Desperado caught Moxley in a Stretch Muffler. Moxley transitioned from the hold into an armbar. After escaping the armbar, Desperado stomped Moxley’s skull before landing a frog splash for a near fall.

After Moxley kicked out, the pair exchanged strikes. Desperado survived the barrage, landing a Pinche Loco; instead of attempting a pin, Desperado tried a second. Moxley answered with a lariat and Death Rider. Instead of pinning Desperado, Moxley locked in a Bulldog Choke, but Desperado refused to tap out, flipping the bird as he was starting to lose consciousness. Desperado passes out & referee calls for the bell.

Winner By Submission: Jon Moxley (17:20)
Rate:8 (Great main event, awesome brawl) (Recommended)