NJPW Resurgence Review – May 21, 2023

NJPW Resurgence Review – May 21, 2023

Location: Long Beach California
Venue: Walter Pyramid 

The DKC vs. Bateman (Pre Show)

The DKC gets the advantage and Bateman goes outside to regroup when the action goes back inside, Bateman begins to overpower The DKC and takes control. Bateman manages to keep The DKC down until he finally starts to get back into the fight with some quick strikes and a cannonball before The DKC hits a Crucifix Driver to get the win.

Winner: The DKC (8:23) 
Rate: 5

Alex Coughlin vs. Christopher Daniels (Pre Show)

Christopher Daniels refuses to shake the hand of Alex Coughlin then Daniels hot shots Coughlin on the ropes. Daniels hits Angels Wings but only gets a one count, Coughlin nails Daniels with a Jackhammer for the win.

Winner: Alex Coughlin (9:26)
Rate: 6

Tag Team Match
TMDK (Television Champion Zack Sabre Jr & Bad Dude Tito) vs. Barbaro Cavernario & Virus

Zack Sabre Jr & Virus starts the match off & they started to trad submission holds then Bad Dude Tito & Barbaro Cavernario tags in. Tito knocks Cavernario down with a shoulder tackle. Cavernario sends Tito down with a dropkick then Virus became the legal man again. Virus & Cavernario hits some double team moves.

Tito slams Virus into the canvas and followed up with an elbow. Sabre Jr. took Cavernario out at ringside. TMDK tag in & out of the match then Virus connected with an explosive dropkick and tags in Cavernario.

Virus & Cavernario works together again then Tito hits a combination of moves then tags ZSJ back in. Cavernario delivered a hammerlock suplex. Virus tags in. Virus & ZSJ exchanged holds and pin attempts.

ZSJ & Virus continued to go back & forth then Virus knocks ZSJ down with a lariat. Tito & Cavernario tags in. Tito & Cavernario exchanged blows then Tito connects with Blue Thunder Bomb goes for the pin but Cavernario kicks out then he locks Tito in the Cabernaria for the submission win.

Winners By Submission: Barbaro Cavernario & Virus (14:05)
Rate: 6

Semi Final Match Of The Strong Women’s Title Tournament
Mercedes Mone vs. Stephanie Vaquer

Mercedes Moné & Stephanie Vaquer lock up to get this match started then both wrestlers attempts a dropkick at the same time. Vaquer managed to grab the bottom rope after Moné locks in a crossface. Moné & Vaquer traded blows in each corner before Vaquer caught Moné in a hanging armbar on the ropes. Vaquer hits a springboard attempted a pin after connecting with a springboard crossbody.

Vaquer drills Moné’s face into the canvas. Vaquer continued to punish Moné and attempted numerous pinfall attempts then Moné took out Vaquer with her knees after leaping from the apron. Moné lands a DDT on the floor.

Moné lands double knees inside the ring and attempted a pin. Vaquer with several headbutts in the corner of the ring. Moné drove her knees into Vaquer. Vaquer locks in a crossface after countering Moné’s crossbody. Moné escapes and locks in a crossface of her own. Moné & Vaquer went back & forth again then Vaguer attempted to finish off Moné but Moné connects with a backstabber in the corner follow by Mone Maker gets the win.

Winner: Mercedes Mone (11:55)
Rate: 7

Semi Final Of The Strong Women’s Title Tournament
Momo Kohgo vs. Willow Nightingale

Match starts off with Willow Nightingale & Moho Kohgo lock up then Nightingale slams Kohgo into the canvas then connects with a low crossbody then goes for a pin but Kohgo kicks out. Nightingale continued to dominate but Kohgo eventually fought back and lands a crossbody from the top rope. Kohgo connected with a headscissors and 619 then lands a dropkick from the top and went for a cover but only got a 2 count.

Kohgo delivered a fisherman’s suplex and held the bridge for a pin but Nightingale kicks out then she drives Kohgo into the mat. Kohgo & Nightingale traded strikes then Nightingale took Kohgo down with 2 lariats and a snap suplex. Nightingale lands a cannonball in the corner then goes for the cover but only got a 2 count. Kohgo fought back again and went for numerous covers.

Nightingale plants Kohgo into the mat with a spinebuster and went for a cover but it got a near fall then Kohgo immediately gets back up after being lay out with a lariat but Nightingale drills her to the mat with Babe With The Powerbomb to get the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale (9:37) (She will face Mone in the Finals)
Rate: 7

Street Fight
Fred Rosser vs. Juice Robinson

Fred Rosser & Juice Robinson traded punches on the mat then Rosser sends Robinson to the floor. Rosser sends Robinson into the barricade and follows it up with a lariat. Robinson headed for the entrance ramp. Robinson elevated Rosser over his head. Robinson began to punish Rosser with a belt.

Robinson places the belt around Rosser’s neck and drags him into the ring. Robinson removed the belt and repeatedly struck Rosser with it. Rosser eventually comes back and sends Robinson through a door in the corner with a Death Valley Driver. Rosser struck Robinson with the belt. Rosser put the belt around Robinson’s neck and sent him over the ropes.

Rosser picked up a trash can at ringside and tips it over Robinson & hits him with the trash can lid then Rosser use a steel chair, stop sign and kendo stick as weapons. Rosser places a ladder next to the ring and flung Robinson into it.

Back inside the ring Rosser forced Robinson’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. Rosser placed a trash can over Robinson’s head and repeatedly struck it with a steel chain and steel chair. Rosser continued to punish Robinson with the steel chain.

Toni Storm appears and attempted to deliver a low blow to Rosser. Rosser revealed a protector and then kisses Storm. Storm drove Rosser into the canvas with Storm Zero after Robinson delivered a low blow. Rosser pushed Storm into Robinson. Rosser plants Robinson into the mat and locks in a crossface.

Storm returns and smashes a bottle over Rosser’s head. Robinson sent Rosser through a door in the corner. Storm connected with Sweet Cheeks Music while Robinson placed a stop sign in front of Rosser then Robinson hits The Juice Is Loose onto a pile of chairs for the win.

Winner: Juice Robinson (23:10)
Rate: 7

Kyle Fletcher appeared and revealed that Mark Davis was injured and unable to compete. Fletcher said that he & Davis could not defend the IWGP Tag Team Championship at Dominion. Fletcher announced that Aussie Open had relinquished the IWGP Tag Team Titles & Strong Openweight Tag Team Titles. Fletcher said Aussie Open will be back.

Strong Openweight Title Match
Hikuleo (c) vs. Kenta

Kenta immediately ate a big boot from Hikuleo then Kenta heads to ringside. Hikuleo began to punish Kenta inside the ring then Kenta sends Hikuleo into the referee. Hikuleo blocks a low blow and sent Kenta to the floor. Hikuleo & Kenta fought near the stage. Kenta & Hikuleo battle behind the curtain without a camera present. Hikuleo reappeared hurt.

Hikuleo drops Kenta onto the barricade that Kenta briefly responded as Hikuleo sets up a table and took Kenta up into the fans. Hikuleo pushed a referee out of the way. Kenta sends Hikuleo over the railing and through the table below. Kenta managed to return to the ring but Hikuleo was unable to answer the referee’s count.

Winner By Count Out & New Strong Openweight Champion: Kenta (11:57) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!) 
Rate: 6

Eddie Kingston appeared on the screen & Kingston said he was coming for the Strong Openweight Title when he returns.

NJPW Strong Independence Day announced for July 4th & 5th at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Chaos (NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Wheeler Yuta) & Shota Umino

Tomohiro Ishii & Shota Umino starts the match off then Umino backs Ishii into the ropes after locking up and mocks Kazuchika Okada in the corner. Ishii & Umino traded strikes in the center of the ring. Umino went after Okada on the apron then Okada tags in. Okada took Umino down with a big boot. Okada sent Umino to the floor and launches him into the barricade before Okada threw a beverage over Umino.

Okada tags Rocky Romero into the match as the action returned to the ring. Umino managed to tag in Wheeler Yuta. Romero took Yuta off his feet with a hurricanrana. Yuta & Romero traded blows. Yuta slams Romero down. Jon Moxley bites Romero’s forehead in the corner while the referee was distracted. Moxley drove Romero into the mat after being tagged in then the match briefly broke down.

Moxley continued to punish Romero in the ring. Moxley dumps Romero onto the barricade at ringside. Umino attempted a pin after being tag in. Umino went after Okada once again. Umino went for a cover after delivering a DDT to Romero but only got a 2 count then Moxley tags in as Romero fought back and connected with springboard DDT. Ishii & Yuta were tag in.

Ishii plants Yuta with a suplex and attempted a pin. Moxley delivered a cutter to Ishii after being tag back in. Moxley repeatedly elbows Ishii and applied a headlock. Umino tags in & Ishii caused Moxley & Yuta to collide then Ishii tags in Okada.

Okada spikes Umino with a DDT and goes for a pin but got a 2 count. Umino delivered a backdrop and briefly took control. Okada caught Umino and slams him down onto his knee. Okada delivered an elbow from the top. Moxley got in Okada’s face then Okada & Moxley went back & forth.

Romero tags in & he goes for the pin after delivering a knee to Umino while he was drape on the top rope. Yuta broke up Romero’s armbar on Umino. Yuta delivered a German suplex to Romero then Moxley & Ishii collided. Moxley took Ishii down with a lariat. Okada entered and took Moxley off his feet then Umino hits a dropkick follow by Death Rider gets the win for his team.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club & Shota Umino (19:37)
Rate: 7

Semi Final Match Of The United States Title #1 Contenders Tournament
NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Will Ospreay

Match starts off with Hiroshi Tanahashi & Will Ospreay lock up then Ospreay reversed Tanahashi’s wristlock into a headlock. Tanahashi took Ospreay off his feet with a crossbody from the turnbuckles. Ospreay drops Tanahashi onto the top rope and delivered a big boot. Ospreay took out Tanahashi on the floor.

Ospreay remained in control as the action returned to the ring. Ospreay delivered chops to the chest in the corner. Ospreay attempted a pin after sending Tanahashi into the corner. Ospreay went for another cover after planting Tanahashi’s back onto his knee.

Tanahashi took Ospreay off his feet after coming off the ropes. Tanahashi slammed Ospreay down onto the mat and leaped from the middle turnbuckle. Ospreay came off the ropes and took out Tanahashi. Ospreay connected with a springboard forearm then goes for the pin but gets a near fall.

Tanahashi delivered a dropkick to Ospreay’s knee then Tanahashi continued to target Ospreay’s knee and locks in a submission. Ospreay lands a kick after escaping the hold. Ospreay & Tanahashi went back & forth in the middle of the ring.

Ospreay connected with a forearm to the back of the head from the turnbuckles. Tanahashi reversed a Storm Breaker and landed a Sling Blade moments later. Ospreay reversed Tanahashi’s crossbody from the top. Both men traded pinfalls. Ospreay connected with a springboard cutter and goes for the cover but Tanahashi kicks out & Ospreay nails Hidden Blade follow by Storm Breaker gets the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay (16:44) (He will face Lance Archer in the Finals at Dominion)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

Finals Of The Strong Women’s Title Tournament
Mercedes Mone vs. Willow Nightingale 

Mercedes Moné & Willow Nightingale went back & forth  then Nightingale pounced Moné to the floor Nightingale controls the bout after Moné answered the referee’s count.

Moné briefly fought back and delivered open hand strikes to Nightingale in the corner. Nightingale took Moné off her feet with an enzuigiri then lands a spinebuster and locks Moné in a Boston Crab in the center of the ring. Nightingale goes for the pin after delivering a superplex from the top rope.

Moné fell to the floor after sending Nightingale into the top turnbuckle then locks in a crossface in the middle of the ring but Nightingale lifts Moné & connects with Babe With The Powerbomb for a 2 count then she hits 2nd Babe With The Powerbomb gets the win.

Winner & 1st Ever Strong Women’s Champion: Willow Nightingale (13:34) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

Matches Of The Night

Semi Final Match Of The United States Title #1 Contenders Tournament

Mercedes Mone vs. Vaquer

Willow Nightingale vs. Momo Kohgo

Finals Of The Strong Women’s Title Tournament

6 Man Tag Team Match

Street Fight