NJPW Super Junior Tag League Night 2 Results (11/23/22), Updated Standings

NJPW Super Juniors Tag League Night 2 Results – November 23, 2022

Location: Tokyo Japan
Venue: Arena Tachikawa Tachihi

Tag Team Match
Oskar Leube & Kosei Fujita vs. Ryohei Oiwa & Yuto Nakashima 

Oskar Leube kicks this match off with Yuto Nakashima & they trade some stiff forearm shots, End of the match happens when Kosei Fujita locks Ryohei Oiwa in the Boston Crab, and Oiwa taps out.

Winners By Submission: Oskar Leube & Kosei Fujita (7:45)
Rate: 5

8 Man Tag Team Match
Bullet Club (Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori,Gedo,Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale) vs. Master Wato,Jado,Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Tomoaki Honma 

Tomoaki Honma & Chase Owens starts this match off with Owens missing a Kokeshi. Master Wato & Taiji Ishimori get tag in and they go back & forth with some quick reversals. Gedo entered and brawled with Jado. Hiroyoshi Tenzan clotheslined Bad Luck Fale over the top rope to the floor. Honma hits Kokeshi on Gedo. Owens hits Jado with C Trigger to get the win for Bullet Club

Winners: Bullet Club (8:13)
Rate: 4

6 Man Tag Team Match
Los Ingobnrables De Japon (KOPW 2022 Champion Shingo Takagi,Tetsuya Naito & Hiromu Takahashi) vs. Suzuki Gun (Taichi,Lance Archer & El Desperado) 

Suzuki Gun ran down the ramp to attack Los Ingobnrables De Japon to start the match, and everyone was brawling on the floor. Lance Archer works over Tetsuya Naito in the ring, and Naito never had time to take off his shirt and pants.

El Desperado & Hiromu Takahashi began trading blows before Takahashi hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Desperado hit a spinebuster, and they were both down.

Shingo Takagi & Taichi entered the ring and they traded blows then Archer entered and hit a Pounce on Naito that sent him flying.

Takagi & Taichi traded blows and clotheslines on the floor and ignored the count. Taichi leapt into the ring right before the 20 count & Suzuki Gun wins.

Winners By Count Out: Suzuki Gun (10:21)
Rate: 6

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
House Of Torture (0) vs. Kushida & Kevin Knight (0)

Kushida & Dick Togo would kick things off but Kushida is being shoved to the ropes but shoving Togo off and hitting an arm drag. Togo would find himself tripped up and his wrist snatched before Kevin Knight got the tag and applied the arm wrench. Kushida & Knight would exchange arm wrenches before a double takedown was followed by knees to the arm.

Sho attempted to make the save, but was dropped with a double hip toss into a jumping splash and leg drop. Togo would be able to regain control over Knight, helping Sho slingshot him throat first into the bottom rope. Sho would get a two count after some fast kicks to Knight, with Kushida rushing in to break the pinfall up.

Togo would hit some measured right hands to the forehead of Knight, before Sho would assist in choking him in the House Of Torture corner. Knight would fire off some quick strikes, with Togo able to count into an armbar before driving his knees into the elbow of Knight. Running fist drop would follow with Kushida again having to save the match.

Knight would leap over Sho to have him run into Togo, before leaping into the tag. Kushida would hit the handspring back elbow to the face of Sho before missing a roundhouse kick. Sho would hit the low dropkick and a PK to the arm of Kushida before running into a back elbow and taking a knee drop to the arm.

Sho & Kushida would kick away at each others arms, before Kushida would look to apply the Hoverboard Lock. Sho would shove him off into a kick from Togo, before hitting a spear. Togo would apply a tight crossface to Kushida, trying to force a submission only for Kushida to lunge forward and get the bottom rope.

Pedigree would be countered with Kushida able to apply an armbar only for Sho to make the save. With the referee distracted by Evil & Yujiro Takahashi trys to make things easy using his cane, but caught Togo instead. Kushida takes out Evil & Takahashi before Knight hit a dropkick to Sho. Togo would be hit with the cartwheel dropkick before Kushida drills Togo to the mat with a bridging Hammerlock Suplex to score the win.

Winners: Kushida & Kevin Knight (2) (9:34)
Rate: 3

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Los Ingobnrables De Japon (Bushi & Titan) (0) vs. Wild Hips (2)

Match begins with Los Ingobnrables De Japon attempt to drop Clark Connors only for Connors to run them down dropping Bushi with a slam and Titan with a Pounce. Ryusuke Taguchi would apply a surfboard stretch on Titan before some quick hip attacks to the head. Connors would assist in some hip attacks on Titan in the corner, before being thrown in for one himself. Titan would find an opening with a springboard crossbody, before taking Taguchi off the apron with a pele kick.

Sitout fireman’s carry driver would follow before Bushi would get the tag and hit some hard open palm strikes in the corner. Headscissors would be applied in the middle of the ring, slowing Connors. Titan would hit a diving double stomp the the arm, before lighting Connors up with a fast series of strikes.

Taguchi would get the tag after Bushi was run down with a spear, hitting some B Triggers on the rope. 3 Amigos would follow with Bushi able to counter the 3rd suplex and hit the enziguri. Connors hit the ring and launched Taguchi into an unexpected hip attack, successfully dropping Bushi.

Bushi would be able to block the attempt at Dodon, moving into a roll up before Taguchi was able to grasp the ankle. Oh My Garankle would be avoided with the Rewind Kick before Connors would miss a running splash in the corner and was driven into Taguchi. Bushi would help Titan walk the ropes and spring into a split leg dropkick, before a big dive to the floor taking out Wild Hips with ease.

Taguchi would be rolled back in the ring, and Bushi set up a diving splash from Titan with a sunset flip. Connors would try to make the save but Titan would do a Matrix style dodge of a lariat before a one legged dropkick. Titan hit a lariat and slipped from the ring, as Bushi hits the lungblower and held Taguchi in place for Angel Immortal to get the win for LIJ.

Winners: Los Ingobnrables De Japon (2) (10:02)
Rate: 6

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Flying Tigers (2) vs. Chaos (0)

Lio Rush would kick this match off with Tiger Mask IV, both men looking for takedowns. Tiger Mask had his ankle picked, but was able to maneuver around into a rear waistlock. Rush would hold his ground with his grappling, getting a backslide for a one count before bowing in respect to the legend. Robbie Eagles would get the tag and Rush would match his speed and work his way over to Yoh for a tag before cornering Eagles.

Rush would roll Yoh into an elbow strike, getting a one count off his unique double team. Tiger Mask would manage to kick Chaos from the ring before hitting a dive to the floor on Yoh. Eagles would soar onto Rush with a cannonball senton before Flying Tiger hit some double team kicks on Rush. A sliding dropkick from Eagles got a one count, before he’d look to apply the Ron Miller Special.

Rush was able to find the bottom rope, before avoiding a 450 Splash. Scissor Kick would rock Eagles & Yoh would get the tag hitting some running forearm smashes and a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Tiger Mask would hit the ring for some of his deadly kicks then hits a roundhouse kick in the corner.

Yoh would be able to block a Tiger Driver, only to take another stiff roundhouse kick. Rush would be able to save Yoh from a Tombstone Piledriver, taking a tilt a whirl backbreaker in the process. Eagles would set up Yoh for the Tiger Driver, but Rush was able to make the save once again. Yoh would be sandwiched with kicks in the corner, before being able to avoid the missile dropkick to the knee.

Tiger Mask would rock Yoh with another roundhouse kick, before being taken out by Rush. Eagles would be able to drop Rush with a spinning roundhouse, before Yoh hit a backstabber to set up the Come Up from Rush. Tiger Mask was left alone in the ring but was able to avoid the 3K attempt.

Yoh would be taken into a crucifix but was able to kick out. Tiger Mask was once again set up for the 3K & it connects to get the win.

Winners: Chaos (2) (10:13)
Rate: 6

2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Suzuki Gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Douki) (0) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (2)

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Chris Bey starts this match off then Kanemaru pulls the braid of Bey then gets put into a headlock. Bey would hit a headscissors takedown before Kanemaru was able to break free. Ace Austin rushed the ring and took a basement dropkick, before Bey took one as well. Big knee breaker in the middle of the ring would follow with Kanemaru already preparing to apply the Figure 4.

Douki would get the tag and be thrown to the floor, as Bey yanked Kanemaru into position with Bey hitting a Fosbury Flop over the top rope onto Suzuki Gun. Back in the ring, Austin would set up an armbar, putting his back between the referee and the hand of Kanemaru and slipped out that laminated card and sliced between the fingers. It was safely tucked away back in his wrist sleeve before Bey would join Austin for a deep double back rake.

Kanemaru would find himself isolated in the Bullet Club corner with Douki breaking across the ring to try and make the save only to be beaten down. Bey would apply the abdominal stretch, before Kanemaru was able to counter out into a DDT. Douki would be able to get the much needed tag alongside Austin, able to twist Austin into a standing double stomp.

Daybreak DDT would be blocked into a fisherman suplex, getting Austin a two count. A double dropkick from Suzuki Gun would send Austin to the floor, before Douki soared out with a dive. British Fall would set up a diving double stomp before Douki locks in the Douki Chokey. Austin was fading but Bey would hit a frog splash to Douki for the save.

Bey would be thrown into Douki for the Cutter before Austin nails The Fold for the victory

Winners: Bullet Club (4) (11:10)
Rate: 7

Non Title 2022 Super Juniors Tag League Match
Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Catch 22 (2) vs. El Lindaman & Alex Zayne (2)

Alex Zayne & Francesco Akira starting the match but Zayne was able to easily overpower him and push him to the ropes. A clean break would follow, Zayne not taking the cheap shot. Akira would avoid an early Baja Blast attempt but would be rocked by a chop. El Lindaman & TJP would get tags, with TJP taking Lindaman down to the mat with a headscissors takedown.

TJP would be sent across the ring but got his boots up as Lindaman charged in. Slingshot stomp to the back of TJP would follow, before a snap DDT. Akira tried to rush in but Lindaman would scoop him up and slam him onto TJP. Zayne & Lindaman would take turns cranking on the arm of TJP with Lindaman also biting his forearm in the middle of the ring.

TJP would trick Zayne into biting Lindaman before Akira dropped both men with a dropkick. Zayne was dropped with a step up splash to the floor, before Catch 2/2 would break Lindaman down with some quick tricks. TJP would apply the Deathlock and Zayne came in to chop him, causing more pain to Lindaman before TJP tossed him with a suplex.

Akira would hit a fast lariat into the corner, getting a two count before a combination neckbreaker and Russian leg sweep from Catch 2/2 would land. TJP applied a hammerlock and surfboard stretch but Lindaman was able to fight free. Lindaman would use the ropes to set up a neckbreaker on TJP, and made the tag to Zayne.

Akira would again avoid the Baja Blast, but not the handstand kick. Third time’s the charm for the Baja Blast, but TJP was quick on the save. Catch 2/2 would be overpowered by Zayne, but dropped him with a double dropkick. Zayne would be able to block a double suplex before hitting one of his own. Catch 2/2 would hit a flapjack into a facebuster, before looking for the Doomsday Device. Lindaman made the save, only to take a Final Cut, double stomp, and finally the Mamba Splash.

Zayne was just in time for the save before blocking the double knee smash. TJP would spring off the shoulders of Lindaman for an enziguri, only to take an exploder suplex. Akira rushed in with the half & half, before a powerbomb from Zayne. A hurricanrana into a German suplex would nearly get Zayne & Lindaman the victory but Akira made the save.

Zayne would look for the Cutthroat Driver on TJP but was blocked. TJP would strike away at both opponents before taking a German suplex. Kumagoroshi into Cinnamon Twist was set but TJP avoided the dive from Zayne. Jumping knee would and, but Akira made the save only to be dropped with a lariat. TJP would get the roll up to get the win.

Winners: Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Catch 22 (4) (18:56)
Rate: 7 1/2

NJPW Super Junior Tag League Updated Standings:

  1. Ace Austin & Chris Bey (2-0, 4 pts)
  2. TJP & Francesco Akira (2-0, 4 pts)
  3. Alex Zayne & El Lindaman (1-1, 2 pts)
  4. Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors (1-1, 2 pts)
  5. Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask (1-1, 2 pts)
  6. KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight (1-1, 2 pts)
  7. YOH & Lio Rush (1-1, 2 pts)
  8. BUSHI & Titan (1-1, 2 pts)
  9. Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI (0-2, 0 pts)
  10. SHO & Dick Togo (0-2, 0 pts)

(Thanks to Lewis Carlan for standings and highlights)